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Learn about the benefits of the Defeat Diabetes Program and how it can work for you.

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Discover how the Defeat Diabetes way of eating may help send pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes into remission. Learn the latest news, science and inspiration.

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What our customers say

"Since going low carb my HbA1c has dropped, I can eat what I love and just watch my carbs. I’ve lost weight, I’m less tired and my self-confidence is massive."

Greg, VIC

"Defeat Diabetes is great! I love the members-only Facebook group and being able to share recipes and advice with the rest of the lovely Defeat Diabetes community."

Rebecca, NSW

"Defeat Diabetes has changed my life and given me hope again. I'm so happy with the support I am receiving and feel like I have a team around me."

Tina, SA

"Easily the best app on the market. I will be recommending this app to every single client seeking to lose weight with the aim of reversing and remitting their type 2 diabetes."

Chris (Pharmacist), QLD

"So much information. Not only suitable for diabetics but also every one trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. Lots of information and recipes."

Avi, VIC

"Brilliant program! It's wonderful being off my diabetes medication. Blood sugars now staying stable. So nice to finally be free of joint pain, have a clear head and not be always hungry."

Miriam, VIC

"You're sharing and learning from others with similar experiences. The app is more or less interactive insomuch as you can ask questions and have answered by an expert."

Mary, VIC