Send type 2 diabetes into remission

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program can help send type 2 diabetes into remission and reduce medications through our doctor-led online program. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight effortlessly, boost your energy, sleep better, lower your blood glucose levels or take control of your overall health, the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program can help.

Our proven framework and practical tools have helped thousands achieve type 2 diabetes remission. 

Find out how.

How the Defeat Diabetes Program works

Discover why the nutritional guidelines you've been fed have been making you sicker and how you can reverse the damage. Our low carb program includes 13 lessons developed and hosted by health professionals on topics such as The truth about fats, Carbohydrates, Meal Planning, Shopping, Exercise, Food Cravings, Sleep and more.

100+ hours video

100+ hours of lessons, masterclasses, Q&As, cooking demos and webinar videos.

Hundreds of recipes

Simple, affordable recipes developed by nutritionists to manage blood glucose and assist with weight loss.

Weekly meal plans

Follow weekly meal plans created by dietitians or create your own with just a few clicks.

300+ Articles

A rich library of resources and articles designed to answer your questions and support your journey.

Quizzes & Actions

Cement your newfound knowledge at the end of each lesson with our simple quiz and recommended actions. 

Members community

A supportive members-only Facebook community to keep you motivated and to share advice.

Shopping list generator

Generate a shopping list easily from your saved recipes or from any meal plans.

Easy workouts

Accelerate weight loss with our simple no-equipment workouts that scale with your confidence.

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Incredible stories of remission from 

Defeat Diabetes members

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb program has helped more than 9,500 members living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes to achieve their goals. 

As a nurse, Tina thought she knew how to manage her type 2 diabetes. For six years, she followed the advice of her diabetes educator and GP, but nothing worked. After trying every ‘diet’ out there, Tina decided to give Defeat Diabetes a go.

In just five months, she lost 13kg and  her HbA1c has gone from 8.4 to 5.7.

Tina De-Zen

Shane Dobson

After a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes 15 years ago, living with high blood sugar became the norm for Shane, a retiree from Gippsland. Since joining the Defeat Diabetes Program Shane has lost 26kg and now prioritises his diet and daily exercise. His HbA1c has dropped and he’s reduced his medications - but the benefits don’t stop there.

Shane Dobson

Living in rural Australia, Toni became a "full-on carb addict" as she struggled to maintain healthy eating habits. Then, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a routine check-up. It was a rude awakening. But since joining the Defeat Diabetes Program two months ago, Toni has lost 10kg, her waistline is down 15cms, and she is close to achieving remission.

Toni Bahler

Why join the Defeat Diabetes Program?

Doctor-led, evidence-based program

Created by Dr Peter Brukner OAM and a panel of medical professionals, Defeat Diabetes uses the latest science to work towards remission for those living with type 2 diabetes. 

Simple to follow 

Take control of your type 2 diabetes through simple changes to diet. Learn from videos, articles and live webinars and learn how to manage your blood glucose. 

Proven to help 

Join thousands of Defeat Diabetes members who have put their type 2 diabetes into remission, lost weight and stopped taking their medications under medical supervision. 

Lifestyle-based plan

The Defeat Diabetes Program will show you how to apply your learnings to everyday life, with practical recipes, simple, affordable meal plans and a supportive community.

2 in 3 members

achieved non-diabetic blood sugar levels. 

From weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission to boundless energy and laser-like focus, discover how the Defeat Diabetes Program can work for you.

In a recent survey, our members reported significant improvements to health:

improved glycaemic control
lost weight
55+ lowered hba1c to <6.5
reduced or stopped Medication
reduced their waistline

What benefits can you expect?

Improved blood glucose levels

Carbohydrate restricted eating tends to improve blood sugar levels almost immediately. This is because carbohydrates are literally made of glucose molecules, which enter the blood after digestion.

Better sleep

Reduced weight loss can help ease symptoms of sleep apnoea, meaning you shouldn't be waking so easily in the night (good for you, and anyone you might be keeping awake!).

Weight loss

The Defeat Diabetes way of eating follows modern scientific principles for weight loss, leading to better appetite control, reduced consumption and increased energy expenditure, even at rest.

Reduced risk of arthritis

When you reduce your carbohydrate intake, you reduce inflammation in the body. Reduced inflammation leads to improvements in joint pain.

Reduced diabetes medications

By lowering blood glucose levels you may also be able to reduce the need for diabetic medications. Keep in close contact with your doctor so these medications can be adjusted accordingly.

Reduced reflux and heartburn

Research shows that low carbohydrate diets can reduce the amount of acid in the oesophagus and relieve symptoms of reflux.

Your sneak peak into the

Defeat Diabetes Program

Immerse yourself in the Defeat Diabetes experience. Join thousands who have lost weight and achieved remission with the Defeat Diabetes Program. 


Each lesson introduces you to an important topic that will help you discover how to manage your condition.


Masterclasses from our doctors and dietitians explain the science in simple terms to build your knowledge.


Learn from articles, print downloads, and complete actions and quizzes to help master your new-found knowledge. 


Fall in love with food again with simple, flavourful recipes to support your low carb journey.

The Defeat Diabetes Program has hundreds of recipes (with new recipes added each week), giving you the skills to cook healthy affordable recipes now and into the future. Our recipes are designed to be easy to prep and cook (most are under 30 minutes), economical to shop for and delightfully delicious.

All our information and support is available to you from the moment you join.

Defeat Diabetes Lessons

The Defeat Diabetes Program is carefully organised into 13 lessons with over 100 pages of contents and videos.

Lesson 8 – Eating out and takeaway

Lesson 10 – Troubleshooting