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By Nicole Moore (Master Nutr. APD)

4 mins read

Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore shares six common reasons you’re not seeing results on a low carb diet. more
6 reasons you’re not seeing results – Part 2

Do you ever feel like you’re not making progress with low carb? We explain why there’s more to measure than the numbers on scales. more
6 reasons you’re not seeing results – Part 1
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report 2023 Obesity in Australia is on the rise; more than a third of Aussies are now overweight or obese
AIHW REPORT 2023: We are getting fatter and sicker
Obesity in Australia is rising; more than a third of Aussies are now overweight or obese. Dr Brukner breaks down the 2023 AIHW Report.
Are sweeteners better than sugar?
Erythritol, aspartame, stevia, honey - which sweetener is better than sugar? The answer might surprise you.
“I’m not overweight. How can I have type 2 diabetes?”
You may be 'thin', but that doesn't mean you won't develop type 2 diabetes. Learn more about lean diabetes.
Dr Brukner’s review of the best low carb literature in 2022
Dr Peter Brukner shares his favourite research articles of 2022 that are mainly low carb with an emphasis on type 2 diabetes.
Simple vs Complex Carbohydrates: What’s the difference?
Not all carbohydrates are equal, and for someone with type 2 diabetes, it's important to know the difference.
Lesson 13 - Practical Gut Health Simple Steps for Everyday Wellness
Identify foods that may cause gut problems.
Lesson 12 - Eating low carb as a family
Bring your family on your journey.
Lesson 11 - Exercise and wellness
Factors beyond diet to defeat diabetes.
Lesson 10 - Troubleshooting
Understand preventable side effects.
Lesson 9 - Understanding hunger and cravings
Learn how to spot cravings and what to do.
Lesson 8 - Eating out and takeaway
How to select healthy options when eating out.
Lesson 7 - Shopping and pantry
How to stock your house with healthy foods.
Lesson 6 - Meal planning
Learn how to build healthy meals.
Lesson 5 – What to expect when you go low carb
The added benefits of lowering carbs.
Lesson 4 - The truth about fat
Why we should be eating more healthy fats.
Lesson 3 - Why carbohydrates matter
Why managing your carb intake is so important.