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Carbs lead to glucose production, and it is this glucose production that leads to complications from type 2 diabetes, because there is simply too much of it in the blood for the body to handle. By lowering your intake of carbs, you’re helping to lower the production of glucose, and therefore, helping to put your type 2 diabetes into remission.

Dr. Paul Mason and Dr. Peter Brukner explain how it all work, and why it is vital to your health.

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How does a low carb program help type 2 diabetes?


How does a low carb program help type 2 diabetes?
Should I be worried about high LDL cholesterol?
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Why is fat actually good for you?
I’ve fallen off the low carb wagon. What can I do?
Mum has diabetes, does this mean I’ll get it?
Is coffee okay on a low carb program (and what is bulletproof coffee)?
Don’t I need carbohydrates to exercise?
Do I have to stay low carb for the rest of my life?
What is my risk of developing type 2 diabetes?
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Won’t fat make me fat?
Why are people so blasé about type 2 diabetes?
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Are eggs bad for me?
I have fatty liver. Surely I should reduce fat intake?
Will low carb help other chronic conditions?
Can I really achieve type 2 diabetes remission?
My current treatment methods aren’t working, what can I do?
Do I have to give up bread on a low carb diet?
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How much salt do I need?
Keto vs Low carb. What’s the difference?
Can I eat fruit on a low carb diet?
What will I experience when I go low carb (and how long does it take)?
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Can I eat out on a low carb diet?