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Your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission and Better Blood Glucose Cover

Remission is possible.

Learn what remission from type 2 diabetes means, and how low carb can help you achieve it. 

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The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program is a step-by-step, online program created by doctors and dietitians to help you manage blood glucose and lower HbA1c.

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Curious about whether you can achieve remission?

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program can help you better manage blood glucose levels and reduce medications through our doctor-led online program.

Colin B, Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member success story

"I am in remission and in control of my health."

"After three months of eating this way, I lost 11 cm from my waist and dropped 5 kg. My HbA1c was at 5.9 - I couldn’t tell you the last time it was ever this low."

COLIN B, 68  //  DD member

Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program in four steps

Our online program will educate you, take away the hassle of meal planning and support you as you work towards improved blood glucose levels and better health.

Try it for free

A no-obligation 14-day free trial gives you the chance to try a low carb approach.

Start lesson one

Learn at your own pace. Lessons include videos, articles and quizzes.

Follow the meal plans

Get a new meal plan weekly. Enjoy simple, fuss-free food without the blood glucose impact.

Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member success stories

Results you can feel

Achieve health goals like weight loss, better blood glucose levels and more energy.

Incredible stories of remission

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program has helped more than 10,500 members living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes achieve their goals. 

Achieved remission

After trying every ‘diet’ out there with no success, Tina decided to give Defeat Diabetes a go.

In just five months, she lost 13 kg and her HbA1c has gone from 8.4 to 5.7.

Tina D, nurse

Shane Dobson

Achieved remission

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago, Shane lived with high blood glucose.

He joined Defeat Diabetes, lost 26 kg and reduced his HbA1c from 7.6 to 5.3.

Shane D, retired

Lynn Johns Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member

Achieved remission

Facing osteoarthritis, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes, Lynn decided enough was enough.

She found Defeat Diabetes, lost 17 kg and lowered her HbA1c from 8 to 5.3.

Lynn J, retired

What could you achieve?

Our program helps you manage blood glucose levels, but what else? Our members see a whole range of other health benefits.

Lower blood glucose

8 in 10 members achieved HbA1c blood glucose levels in the non-diabetes range (<6.5%).

Weight loss

9 in 10 members lost weight (almost everyone!) On average, losing 8% of their body weight.

Reduced medication

4 in 10 members told us they were able to reduce or stop diabetes medications entirely.

Extra benefits

More than half reported more energy and overall happiness, and 4 in 10 said their sleep was better.

Self-reported results from 284 members in the Defeat Diabetes 2023 survey.

Kate M, Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member success story

"I thought, it couldn’t be this easy to reverse type 2."

"During the two-week free trial, I lost 2 kgs. It felt effortless, and I enjoyed it so much. The truth is YOU can control diabetes by what you eat and how you live."

KATE M, 62  //  DD member

One membership, any device

4.7 rating | 10,500 members

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program is available on your computer and all smartphones

Rated by Apple iOS users

  • Easy recipes, nutritious meal plans
    Developed by dietitians and nutritionists
  • Award-winning education
    13 lessons teach simple diet changes for improved blood glucose levels.
  • Progress tracking
    Keep track of your goals and stay motivated with your progress
  • Community
    Join 3,000+ like-minded people for tips and advice.
  • Monthly nutrition Q&As
    Online group nutrition sessions and webinars with leading health experts 
  • Support
    Our expert healthcare team is on-hand to answer all of your questions.
  • Member exclusives
    The latest news, events, low carb food discounts and member offers.
Bill G, Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member success story

"To achieve remission is a huge accomplishment for me."

"I struggled with type 2 diabetes for 20 years. I lost 17 kg in four months and never once felt hungry."

BILL G, 84  //  DD member


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Diabetes Australia and Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Breads ebook

What is your health worth?

Both membership tiers of the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program start with a FREE 14-day trial. Cancel any time during the trial period and you won't be charged.

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  • Just $19.67 per month
  • 14 days free trial then billed quarterly at $59
  • 13 self-guided online lessons, complete at your own pace
  • Video masterclasses with doctors and dietitians
  • Monthly webinars with leading health experts from around the globe
  • Online Nutrition Clinic with our expert dietitian, answering your questions
  • Personalised profile, including health tracking and progress check-ins
  • Online low carb recipe library of 400+ recipes
  • New weekly meal plans sent directly to your email inbox
  • Library of 300+ articles



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Dr Peter Brukner Defeat Diabetes founder
Dr Peter Brukner

Defeat Diabetes Founder and Sports Medicine Clinician and Researcher

"We’re delighted to partner with Diabetes Australia and reach more people who might benefit from a low carb approach to type 2 diabetes management and remission.

"Defeat Diabetes gives Australians an alternative opportunity to improve blood glucose levels."

Diabetes Australia is a partner of Defeat Diabetes in reducing the impact of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Australia does not promote or encourage any single diet or eating plan and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to living well with diabetes. People with diabetes should make their own, informed choices about their diabetes management (including eating plans) in consultation with their diabetes healthcare team.