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Can a low carb diet reverse type 2 diabetes?

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Take a look at the most recent results from our 2023 member survey to see just how much impact Defeat Diabetes is making!

How do carbohydrates make type 2 diabetes worse? Is remission really possible just by limiting our intake of starches and grains?

The Defeat Diabetes Program has helped thousands of members achieve type 2 diabetes remission and experience weight loss, better focus and increased energy through a low carb approach.

In this Masterclass from Defeat Diabetes, Dr Paul Mason, Defeat Diabetes low carb expert, and Dr Peter Brukner OAM, Defeat Diabetes founder, explain how restricting carbohydrates can radically transform your health (and can even send type 2 diabetes into remission).

What is the Defeat Diabetes Program?

The Defeat Diabetes Program is a practical guide to restricting carbohydrates and help send type 2 diabetes into remission.

Created by doctors and dietitians, the program uses gold-standard science to provide a step-by-step path to a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Does the Defeat Diabetes Program work?

In a recent survey our members reported:

  • More than half (52 per cent) have achieved remission;
  • 84 per cent were able to improve their glycaemic levels;
  • 30 per cent with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes were able to reduce or discontinue medication;
  • 44 per cent prescribed metformin were able to reduce or stop their medication.
  • 78 per cent reported weight loss, with an average loss of 6 kilograms; and
  • 76 per cent reduced their waistline, losing on average 7.3 centimetres.

Learn more about how the Defeat Diabetes Program can help achieve your health goals.

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