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Dr Brukner’s story on Channel 10’s The Project

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Defeat Diabetes founder Dr Peter Brukner's remarkable health journey offers hope to anyone diagnosed with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

With a background working as Chief Medical Officer to the likes of the Australian Olympic team and the Australian cricket team and working with elite athletes and sporting clubs around the world, Dr Brukner was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. 

After researching his condition, Dr Brukner opted to try a low carb diet over the traditional low-fat approach he had followed for years.

“In three months, I lost 13 kg without even trying. Without being hungry and eating as much as I wanted to; the more fat I ate, the more fat I lost.” said Dr Brukner of his low carb 'trial'.

His inspiring journey was shared on Channel 10's The Project, where he recounted how his personal experience led him to establish Defeat Diabetes, Australia's leading evidence-based, doctor-led program dedicated to helping 100,000 Australians achieve remission.

"I am passionate about the real-food way of eating that focuses on healthy proteins and fats while limiting sugars and processed foods," Dr Brukner said.

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