How much SUGAR

are you being tricked into eating?

Hidden sugars are lurking everywhere.

Take our sweet 5 minute quiz and find out how many teaspoons you're eating a day!

Defeat Diabetes expert dietitian Nicole Moore challenges you to find out how much sugar a day you have. Take our quick quiz and get personalised tips to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

FACT: All carbohydrates turn into sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream.

What happens when you eat less sugar?

You lower your blood glucose levels

Over time, too much glucose (sugar) in the blood will cause inflammation and insulin resistance.

You get to a healthy weight

If you take in more sugar than your body can handle, it is converted to fat. Heard of fatty liver? Yep, it's caused by too much sweet stuff. 

You take less medication

Less inflammation and improved insulin sensitivity means less need for medication.

How our members ditched sugar

(and achieved remission from type 2 diabetes as a result!)

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