Dr. Paul Mason

I'm an Accredited Practising Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician, with further degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health.

While I am well known in the low carb world, I haven’t always been low carb. In fact I haven’t always been low sugar. As a kid, my favourite drink was a sugar sweentened fruit juice and my favourite cereal was fruit loops - basically a bowl of sugar.

Like most of us, I was introduced to the food pyramid at school, which promoted low fat carbohydrate laden foods. And when I went to university, this message was only reinforced. So much so that I truly believed that consuming saturated fat was certain to lead to an early grave. And I wasn’t shy in letting other people know. I cringe inside now when I think about how I used to counsel patients when I used to be a physio if I found out they were on the Atkins diet. Never mind they were losing weight, having their aches and pains disappear, and feeling better than ever. Looking at the world through the bias of my education, I simply couldn’t see the reality before my eyes. And with this belief system, over the years I developed my own habit for sugar.

I now know that despite literally exercising for hours every week, eating low fat and assiduously avoiding salt, basically following the food pyramid, I was developing metabolic syndrome.

It was only after finishing medical school that I discovered the science on low carb diets. And it shocked me. I could scarcely believe that my hard-earned medical education could have so misled me.

Over the years though, I have now spent more hours than I would care to remember reading nutrition science. And not only has it helped me greatly personally, I derive enormous satisfaction in treating patients. No longer do I mindlessly prescribe drugs according to a guideline. Instead, I witness the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle and watch as people heal themselves. And it is my absolute pleasure to share this message through the Defeat Diabetes Program.

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