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3 sugar-free cocktails to celebrate guilt-free

Can you mix type 2 diabetes and alcohol safely? The answer is yes - with a couple of caveats! While certain types of alcohol are off limits for those on a low carb lifestyle, there’s certainly room to enjoy yourself in moderation with some simple substitutions.

Our low carb cocktails call for monk fruit sweetener or stevia instead of sugar, making them really low in carbs compared to their sugary real-deal friends.

Tip: You can buy monk fruit extract or stevia from Coles or Woolies.

1. Boozy Berry Blitz

Boozy Berry Blitz

We love this fresh, zingy, sugar-free cocktail that’s basically a rum punch with a healthy dose of antioxidants. At just 5g of carbs a serve (a standard rum and coke has 21.2g of carbs!), you can celebrate guilt-free!

Preparation time: 2 mins Serves: 2


  1. Blend the raspberries and monk fruit extract in a blender to a thick puree. 
  2. Tear mint leaves into a jug and add raspberry puree, white rum, soda water and ice. 
  3. Pour into tumblers and top with a few raspberries for garnish.

2. The Drunken Ginger

The Drunken Ginger

Ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improve various heart disease risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes. Ginger can also help with indigestion. Good news if you've overindulged on the Christmas turkey!

Preparation time: 5 mins Serves: 2


  1. Place the vodka, cream, monk fruit extract, cream, grated ginger and cinnamon in a cocktail shaker with ice. 
  2. Shake well and divide into two tumblers. 
  3. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

3. Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Who doesn’t love an icy cold Espresso Martini? Our low carb take on this classic ditches the usual sugary syrup, resulting in a frothy drink that only contains 1g of carbs (a regular Espresso Martini can contain around 29g). We think it’s time for another!

Preparation time: 2 mins Serves: 2


  1. Combine the vodka, espresso, cacao and monk fruit extract in a cocktail shaker with ice. 
  2. Shake until icy and well combined. 
  3. Strain into a cold glass. 
  4. Top with a few coffee beans and serve.

4 tips for mixing alcohol and type 2 diabetes:

  1. Stick to no more than 1–2 drinks per day, as excessive intake may slow fat burning and cause weight gain.
  2. Avoid any type of sugary concoctions that are loaded with carbs. This includes RTDs, syrupy mixers like cordial, Redbull, ginger beer and coke and especially tonic water. Choose from a variety of alcoholic drinks that won’t cause you to consume too much sugar (vodka, gin, low carb beers and dry white wine are the best options).
  3. The old 1:1 trick (one glass of water for every alcoholic drink) may sound dull, but your head will thank you the day after!
  4. There are a whole range of great-tasting alcohol free cocktail options out there that will keep your low carb journey on track. The DD team particularly like the Seedlip and Lyre brands with a dash of soda water and garnishes.

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