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Ready to challenge what you think you know about managing type 2 diabetes? As a leading evidence-based program developed to help manage blood glucose levels, Defeat Diabetes is often joined by global experts, and recently, we had an enlightening discussion with one of the pioneers of low carb, Dr David Unwin. 

Over the past decade, Dr Unwin has made an incredible contribution to what we know about type 2 diabetes. With his UK clinic recently announcing that 97% of patients following a low carb approach had improved control over their diabetes, and 3 in 4 patients had achieved remission when they started a low carb approach within a year after diagnosis, he’s changed the narrative to one that offers hope through the real possibility of diabetes remission.

We hope Dr Unwin’s message inspires you, and helps you to realise that a life without the burden of type 2 diabetes is within reach.

During our exclusive Defeat Diabetes event, Dr David Unwin joined Defeat Diabetes founder, Dr Peter Brukner, to explore how a low carb diet can put type 2 diabetes into remission. While we've condensed the highlights of their enlightening conversation below, we encourage you to watch the replay below for a deeper understanding.

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

Like we do here at Defeat Diabetes, Dr Unwin emphasises 'remission' over 'reversal' to underscore the ongoing commitment required. Remission means that blood glucose levels fall below the diagnostic range for type 2 diabetes, typically indicated by an HbA1c level under 6.5% for at least three months without glucose-lowering medications.

How can I achieve type 2 diabetes remission?

Significant weight loss is known as the main method for achieving remission. There are three recognised approaches: carbohydrate restriction (low carb), ultra-low-calorie diets, and bariatric surgery.

As it can be tough to sustain an ultra low calorie diet of 800 calories a day, low carb provides another option that some people find easier to stick to and send type 2 diabetes into remission. And bariatric surgery is not a decision made lightly, as it involves major and costly surgery.

Lynn Johns Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member type 2 diabetes remission success stories

"I’ve been dieting on and off for 50 years - how silly is that?! - and to think that all my health problems for the last five years are due to being overweight and eating badly."

Lynn J, Defeat Diabetes member, lost 13 kg and is now in remission from type 2 diabetes

What if I don’t achieve type 2 diabetes remission? Am I a failure?

Dr Unwin's real-world data showcases the multitude of health benefits experienced by patients, even if remission isn't achieved. Significant improvements in blood glucose levels, waistline reduction, medication reduction, and weight loss highlight the holistic impact of a low carb approach.

In our 2023 Defeat Diabetes survey, 284 members reported similar results to those observed by Dr Unwin among patients following a low carb management approach.

  • 66% of members returned blood glucose to the non-diabetes range
  • 76% reduced their waistline by 10 cm or more
  • 41% of those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes reduced or discontinued medications
  • 92% achieved weight loss (losing 8 kg on average!)

So no. You’re not a failure if you don't achieve remission because chances are you’ve greatly improved your health in so many other ways.

Can a low carb approach help send type 2 diabetes into remission?

Yes, absolutely!

A low carb approach emphasises less starchy, sugar-laden foods and more satiating, 'real' foods including healthy fats (such as butter and full-fat dairy) and quality proteins. This helps keep blood glucose levels stable, and enhances insulin sensitivity. Our meal plans are developed to make sure you're full and satisfied after every meal. 

David Vellely Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member type 2 diabetes remission success stories

" I sleep better and my sugar cravings are gone. I no longer snore! The Defeat Diabetes Program has taught me everything I need to improve my blood glucose control."

David V, Defeat Diabetes member, lost 30 kg and is now in remission from type 2 diabetes

Why your 'healthy diet' isn't always good for you

“A lot of the work is simply getting people to understand that it’s not just sugars that have an effect on blood glucose, but ALL foods containing carbohydrates,” says Dr Brukner.

Simple graphic explaining how carbohydrates break down into glucose in the bloodstream type 2 diabetes

Both Dr Unwin and Dr Brukner agree that a critical step is motivating people to reduce sugar and carbs and offering them support.

“In the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, we help people understand the impact of carbohydrates through simple videos and articles by qualified doctors and dietitians, and give people practical tools to apply those learnings in every day life.

“We help people with type 2 diabetes develop the confidence to reduce carbohydrates by offering plenty of helpful resources, weekly meal plans, delicious low carb recipes and a members-only community that offers extra support and guidance.” said Dr Brukner.


The low carb approach offered by the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program and Dr Unwin's own clinic is a promising pathway to type 2 diabetes remission, and focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes over quick fixes. Through education, support, and a commitment to simple lifestyle changes, Defeat Diabetes provide a roadmap to improved health and a life free from the burden of type 2 diabetes.

This low carb approach, employed by Dr Unwin and Dr Brukner, is why so many people have achieved type 2 diabetes remission and significantly improved their health under their guidance.

Read about Dr Unwin's latest results, including how 97% of his patients improved their blood glucose control, and an incredible 77% achieved type 2 diabetes remission. 

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