Defeat Diabetes

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When you’re on a diet, there is the expectation that it won’t be forever.

That’s why the Defeat Diabetes Program is not a diet, it’s a sustainable lifestyle change, and Dr Peter Brukner explains why our program will make you feel so good, you’ll want to stay on this way of eating forever.

Video Transcript

Dr Paul Mason: So Peter, I often get asked whether a low carb diet is sustainable in the longer term?

Dr Peter Brukner: Well for a start Paul, I don't like using the word “diet because to me, diet is something short-term temporary. Whereas, this low carb program is more a way of eating or a lifestyle for life.

Dr Paul Mason: And you don't feel deprived at all? Eating low carb?

Dr Peter Brukner: Not at all, I enjoy every meal I have.I have a choice of delicious meals. And the other thing is you feel so good on this diet that makes it very easy to sustain.

Dr Paul Mason: So, I guess what you're saying is that the way of eating that gets you healthy, is a way of eating that keeps you healthy and there's really no reason you can't sustain it in the longer term.

Dr Peter Brukner: Absolutely!


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3 in 4 patients achieve type 2 diabetes remission within first year of diagnosis

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