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Are you someone who has a pasta party the night before a big run? Or do you smash a sports drink to replenish after exercise?

Dr Peter Brukner explains the research behind low carb diets and exercise, and how reducing your carb intake can actually help you perform better, recover quicker, reduce injury, and exercise more frequently.

Video Transcript

Dr Paul Mason: So Peter, is traditional wisdom that athletes need carbohydrates to perform. So I often get asked by people, do they need to eat carbohydrates if they're just going for a run?

Dr Peter Brukner: He's certainly right for we've grown up in the carb generation, haven't we? With sports drinks to fuel an exercise, pasta parties the night before the marathon. But really, things have changed. And now even elite athletes are using low carb programs to exercise. So there's absolutely no reason why the average person can't do likewise.

Dr Paul Mason: So then, what particular benefits could an average exerciser expect if they went low carb?

Dr Peter Brukner: Well, there are actually some additional benefits to going low carb and one is recovery. So you recover better from exercise. So in other words, you have less muscle pain, less joint pain, and that's due to the reduction in inflammation. If you recover better, you can have your next bout of exercise even sooner than you would otherwise.

Dr Peter Brukner: The other thing is with that reduction in inflammation, you have a reduction in injuries. Or personally, I'd had Achilles tendonitis for 10 years before I went on my low carb program, and it completely disappeared.

Dr Paul Mason: So it really seems that not only can you exercise effectively low carb, but it will probably even confer some advantages.

Dr Peter Brukner: Yeah, there are certainly benefits to using fat as a fuel rather than sugar.

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