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The lowdown on low carb

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We love food as much as the next person.

The Defeat Diabetes approach is simple, and it isn’t extreme. You only need to make small, manageable adjustments to the way you eat that will allow you to enjoy real food without raising your blood sugar.

But what is low carb eating?

Let’s get one thing straight: low carb isn’t dieting. It’s enjoyable and sustainable, and you definitely won’t miss out on anything!


Eating low carb means eating real food. Sue C said it best: "I now cook like my mum did when I was a kid in the 50s!". Before takeaway, before highly-processed food and before meals came in microwaveable containers, we ate food that had minimal ingredients, and we could recognise all of them. (In fact, most food didn't even need a label!) We just ate real food!

The Defeat Diabetes way

All meals on the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program include four basic elements:


  • Fats stabilise your hunger and energy levels.
  • Enjoy fats like butter and full-fat dairy, but avoid seed oils.
Defeat Diabetes low carb program healthy fats


  • Protein keeps you full and reduces cravings.
  • Prioritise meat, chicken, fish or eggs each meal.
Defeat Diabetes low carb program sources of dietary protein


  • Eat the foods you love; just find a low carb swap!
  • Stick to under 50 grams of carbs each day.
Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program healthy food swaps


  • Defeat Diabetes isn't a diet; it's a way of life. Treats included!
  • Enjoy skin on chicken and cream in coffee!
Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program healthy low carb keto treats

What a day on a (low carb) plate looks like

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program is approved by dietitians and nutritionists, and most are prepared in 30 minutes or less. We understand life is busy, so we've made things simple. All you need to do is follow your weekly meal plan.

Take a peek at the meals our members are enjoying...

Fuss-free breakfasts:
Fast and simple lunches:
Wholesome, delicious dinners:

What do our members think of low carb eating?

Lynn Johns Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program member
Lynn J

"I used to be a plain cook when dieting; I wasn't inventive. But the Defeat Diabetes has given me a whole new set of options to cook."

Lynn's favourite recipes? "Creamy Beef and Mushroom Stew, Crustless Quiche and Pork Schitty with Buttery Cabbage."

After 3 months on the Defeat Diabetes Program Robert lost 15 kgs and achieved type 2 diabetes remission.
Robert C

"I've always liked to cook, but I really enjoy following the meals in the program. You don't need to eat grains and cereal."

Robert's favourite recipes? "Dr Brukner's Muesli, Cinnamon Squares cereal, Chocolate Bark and I love the muffins!"

Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program success story Robert Stockton
Robert S

"I know one high carb meal won't kill me, but I still avoid potatoes, bread and starchy foods. It comes naturally now."

Robert's favourite recipes? "I love bread, and the Three Seed Bread is great."


Listen to your body - eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel satisfied. These are the guiding principles of the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program. You'll return to a natural appetite once you reduce your sugar intake and enjoy meals that are lower in carbs and fill you up with protein and fats.

You don't have to stress yourself by counting calories or measuring your food portions. It's as simple as that!

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