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Are you thinking about restricting your carbohydrate intake to improve your health, lose weight or achieve type 2 diabetes remission? 

For many, a change in eating habits, such as reducing the carbs we eat, can be confronting. So it's important to stay focused on the many benefits of a lifestyle change. From improved memory to sharper focus, boundless energy and better sleep, you can expect many benefits when you adopt a low carb approach to eating. 

Dr Paul Mason and Dr Peter Brukner discuss what you can expect when you start lowering your carbohydrate intake.

Video Transcript

Dr Peter Brukner: Paul, what can people expect to experience when they start the Defeat Diabetes Program? 

Dr Paul Mason: I guess one of the most common reasons that people go on low carb diets, Peter, is for weight loss. And people can usually anticipate weight loss in the vicinity of half to 1 kilogram a week. But diabetics can also expect other benefits most importantly, including improved blood glucose control. When you stop ingesting carbohydrates with all the glucose molecules that they contain, you can quite literally expect an improvement in blood glucose levels overnight. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Are there any downsides to that? 

Dr Paul Mason: On the face of it, no. But if you're taking medications, there can potentially be some side effects, and that ends up being because you'll end up taking more medication than you need to and you'll get side effects from the medications itself. So in that situation, it's very important if you're on any prescription medications at all, that you liaise closely with your doctor and let them know that you'll be embarking on this low carb diet journey so that they can appropriately monitor and change your medications, as you no longer need them.

Dr Peter Brukner: Most people will be able to reduce their medications. 

Dr Paul Mason: Well, absolutely they can. But in addition to medication changes, there's also a bunch of other benefits that you can get and I understand that you experienced several of them yourself. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Yeah, when I went on this program as well as a weight loss, I lost about a kilogram a week for for 13 weeks. But a lot of other things happened as well. For start, I stopped feeling hungry the whole time. I slept better. I concentrated better. My exercise capacity improved, and I felt that my thinking was clearer. And I was able to concentrate for longer. So lots of benefits in addition to the weight loss and blood sugar control that we talked about.

Dr Paul Mason: So really good changes all around.

Dr Peter Brukner: It was quite amazing, I was actually shocked at how many good things happened to me when I went on this program.

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