Defeat Diabetes

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Low carbohydrate approaches to eating don’t just benefit things like weight, sleep and energy levels, there are also a number of benefits for people living with chronic illnesses.

Dr Peter Brukner talks us through how the Defeat Diabetes Program can also help those living with arthritis, inflammation and other debilitating conditions.

Video Transcript

Dr Paul Mason: So Peter, a lot of people go low carb to lose weight and to improve their blood sugar control. But a lot of people might anticipate other health benefits as well.

Dr Peter Brukner: Well, it's a whole range of medical conditions that benefit from a low carb program. Three common conditions are high blood pressure or hypertension, reflex, and fatty liver, all benefit from a low carb program. Now what about arthritis, Paul? Do you see a lot of patients with arthritis?

Dr Paul Mason: Oh absolutely. So I've seen a number of patients over the years who have actually been booked in for joint replacement surgery, who have had their symptoms improved sufficiently that they've been able to cancel the planned surgery which is absolutely magnificent. But there's also benefits not just physically, but also mentally, with mental health.

Dr Peter Brukner: Australian research has shown that depression and anxiety, respond just as well, to dietary intervention as they do to antidepressant medications. And then of course, there's dementia and alzheimer's, which has been shown very clearly to be improved by a low carb program. 

Dr Paul Mason: So there's clear evidence that low carb isn't just beneficial with regards to sugar control and weight loss, but can lead to benefits in a whole array of medical conditions. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Exactly. 

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