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Looking for delicious low carb egg-free breakfast ideas? Check out these five mouthwatering egg-free options that won’t leave you hankering for a traditional carby brekkie!



 “Noatmeal” Overnight Oats

5. “Noatmeal” Overnight Oats

Oats are one of the most contentious food when it comes to diabetes. Some say they’re healthy, but we recommend ditching oats on a low carb diet.

Despite being high in fibre, oats have a seriously high carb count, and while they might not cause a rapid increase in glucose for everyone, if you eat too quickly or you’re insulin resistant, it can cause your blood sugar levels to spike.

We recommend trying our clever grain-free replacement recipe, “Noatmeal” Overnight Oats. It’s healthier and just as filling!

yoghurt & raspberries tn

4. Yoghurt, Nuts and Raspberries

Our Yoghurt, Nuts and Raspberries is simple but a goodie. One of the lowest-carb fruits, raspberries are packed full of fibre (essential for a healthy diet) and vitamin C.

We bet you’ve never thought of mixing your yoghurt with coconut cream, but whoever discovered this little low carb delight deserves an award!

The coconut cream adds a fresh flavour and creamy texture, with the bonus of extra healthy fats that allow you to feel full all morning. Now that’s genius!

Chia Pots TN

3. Raspberry Chia Pots

Another egg-cellent choice when it comes to a low carb egg-free breakfast is the chia pot! Chia seeds were a central component of the ancient Mayan and Aztec diets, and although times have moved on, we certainly haven’t forgotten the power of this potent little pip.

It’s believed that one tablespoon could sustain an individual for 24 hours, and while we may not need the kind of endurance the Mayans required, we can learn something from them by opting for a brekkie that keeps us full and reduces our appetite.

In our modern world, chia seeds are a beneficial food for those trying to lose weight and stay in shape. Try our Raspberry Chia Pots, and you may never need to eat again (just kidding, but they’ll undoubtedly tide you over ‘til lunchtime and beyond).

Protein Smoothie

2. Protein Smoothie

Getting enough protein is vital to support a healthy metabolism, but many people struggle to get enough protein in their diet. This is where a high-protein smoothie comes in handy.

Protein shakes are an easy way to consume more protein and reduce your appetite simultaneously. Some people opt to use a high-protein smoothie for weight loss reasons, but before going for an entirely liquid-based diet (which isn’t sustainable in the long run), try lowering your daily carb intake first.

Try our Protein Smoothie for brekkie, then fill up with one of our low carb, high fat recipes for lunch and dinner. You’ll notice the difference, and your appetite won’t creep back!

Muesli TN

1. Dr Brukner’s Muesli

Dr Brukner is the founder of Defeat Diabetes and was the former chief medical officer of the Australia Men’s Cricket Team and team manager of the Australian athletics team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He knows a lot about the importance of eating a good breakfast and its effect on your daily performance.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, everyone’s a winner when they replace a sugar-laden brekkie with a low carb option that won’t spike your blood sugar levels. For the very best egg-free low carb breakfast, we recommend a bowl of Dr Brukner’s Muesli to get your day off to a – a-hem – cracking start.

*Fun fact: When Cathy Freeman won the 400m gold, Dr Brukner held her gold medal after the race. We’ll never be certain, but perhaps Cathy started the day with a bowl of Dr Brukner’s Muesli! *

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