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Many of us still like to have a tipple every now and again, but are some alcohols healthier than others?

Whether you like beer, wine, or are a fan of spirits, Dr Peter Brukner and Dr Paul Mason talk about which alcohols are better for low carb diets, and which ones we should be avoiding.

Video Transcript

Dr Peter Brukner: So Paul, what about alcohol on the Defeat Diabetes Program?

Dr Paul Mason: Well, Peter, we know that alcohols, not necessarily healthy, it still is very high in calories. But if you are going to drink for whatever reason, you can make better choices. So in terms of that, what would you recommend? 

Dr Peter Brukner: Well, let's talk about wine to start with. So dry red wine, dry white wine is pretty low in carbs, but just avoid the sweet wines in particular. We go on to spirits. The spirits themselves have zero carbs. It's the things you mix them with. So try and avoid things like orange juice, coke, tonic water, and Red Bull. They're all high in carbs. If you want a good low carb mixer, use soda water. 

Dr Peter Brukner: So what about beer? Well, every Australian loves their beer. Well, fortunately, there are now some low carb beers out there. There's even a no carb beer. So be pleased to know that everyone's got a choice. 

Dr Paul Mason: I'm sure that'll be a relief to many people.

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