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It’s impossible to get a low carb meal at an Italian restaurant, right? Well, no, it’s not!

Eating out on a low carb diet is absolutely possible, it’s just about learning how to make smarter choices, as well as alterations to existing menus.

Dr Peter Brukner explains how he navigates restaurant menus and gives tips on how you can too.

Video Transcript

Dr Paul Mason: So Peter, a lot of people think it's just too hard to eat out on a low carb diet. 

Dr Peter Brukner: That's nonsense. I've been to lots of restaurants and I don't think I've ever found a restaurant where I haven't found a low carb option.

Dr Paul Mason: Okay, what about an Italian restaurant though? Have you ever been to an Italian restaurant? 

Dr Peter Brukner: I have been to the old Italian restaurant and you don't have to have pasta and pizza at an Italian restaurant. There's always other options. There's always a meat and veg option. You might have a veal or a beef, or with an ice cream sauce, some vegetables. Just ask them to hold the potato, give you extra vegetables other than the potato. Avoid the bread and just ask them to cook the meal in butter or olive oil, rather than vegetables.

Dr Paul Mason: Good tips. What about say for a breakfast then? What can you do?

Dr Peter Brukner: Breakfast is easy when there's always options. Eggs, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms. You don't have to have fruit juice, cereal, and toast full of sugar..

Dr Paul Mason: And what about, say fast food? Food on the go? You're just in a hurry, you just wanna pick something up quickly.

Dr Peter Brukner: Yeah. Look again, you just gotta be creative. You can have a naked burger or a bunless burger with just lettuce and the and the beef patty. And there are kebabs. There are all sorts of options. You just don't have to have the usual ones. 

Dr Paul Mason: And of course, you can go to a supermarket. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Supermarket deli is a great place to shop. There's always cold meats, cheeses, all sorts of options at the supermarket. Really, it is not that hard.

Dr Paul Mason: So really, there's no excuse to not eat low carb when you're out and about.

Dr Peter Brukner: Exactly.

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