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Traditional bread is full of starch, which is basically just glucose stuck together – not very good for someone with type 2 diabetes.

However, when you go low carb, you don’t have to give up bread, it’s just about learning which breads you can eat, and which ones to avoid.

Dr Peter Brukner explains everything you need to know, as well as a handy tip for baking your own bread at home! Check out our recipe for Three Seed Bread.

Video Transcript

Dr Paul Mason: So Peter, I often get asked by people with diabetes, whether they really have to give up bread to go on a low carb diet. Is it really that important? 

Dr Peter Brukner: Well, it probably is if you got type 2 diabetes. You gotta remember the bread is full of starch. What is starch? Starch is just a bunch of glucose molecules stuck together, and when the body digest the bread it breaks it down into the glucose, sends it into the bloodstream, and sends your blood glucose up. Which is exactly what we don't want to happen if you got type 2 diabetes. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Try and avoid bread. If you're going to have bread, there are some low carb breads available. They're not perfect, but they're better. Some sourdough bread is probably better. But what I do is I bake my own bread! And to be honest, I never baked bread in my life until I started on this program. But now I bake the Three Seed low carb bread that's in our recipe section, and everyone else seems to like it. So there are other options rather than just having a normal amount of bread. 

Dr Paul Mason: So what you're really saying is don't let perfect be the enemy of good. If you can't give up bread completely, although that's ideal, then there's more sensible options out there. 

Dr Peter Brukner: Exactly, plenty of options out there.

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