Nicole Moore (Master Nutr. APD)

Get through Easter in 5 easy steps (when you have type 2 diabetes)

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Easter is often a tricky time of the year, filled with chocolate temptations and hot cross buns aplenty.

It’s especially tough when every supermarket aisle is full of sweet treats (making grocery shopping a challenging time, too!).

So it’s really important to have some good strategies up our sleeve to get through this indulgent period. Here to the rescue is Defeat Diabetes expert low carb dietitian Nicole Moore, Master Nutr. A.P.D.

Here are her top five Easter tips to get through the sweet storm!

1. Tackling the supermarket aisles

We know the supermarkets are stockpiling their Easter buns and chocolate treats and placing them strategically so you see them (mostly right near the checkout). Having sweet treats right in front of us can be super tempting, but there is a way to avoid adding them to our cart.

Firstly, try online shopping! It is a really effective way to prevent you from filling your trolley with all of the Easter temptations in the supermarket. It allows you to pre-plan your shopping list, eliminate anything in your trolley that is not low carb before you pay, and be less tempted because you’re not physically there.

If you prefer to go into the supermarket, make sure you have a list prepared. If you’re going without one, you’ll be more likely to fill your shopping trolley with all of the temptations you see.

And remember, if you do most of your shopping on the outside aisles where most of the fresh produce is, you’re less tempted to buy sugary treats which are on the inside aisles.

Having said that, if there’s one thing I want you to remember when it comes to the supermarket, it’s don’t go in hungry, because if you’re hungry and craving, you will buy every sugary treat in sight!!

2. Convert food into teaspoons of sugar

My second tip is to convert the food into teaspoons of sugar. I find this makes it much easier to understand how that food will affect your body and blood sugar.

For example, if you were to look at the total carbohydrate in a medium-sized hot cross bun, you would see it contains 45g of total carbohydrates.

4g of carbohydrates is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar going into your bloodstream. This means that a medium-sized hot cross bun contains 11 teaspoons of sugar!

3. Think quality, not quantity

My next tip is to focus on enjoying small quality amounts of Easter treats versus buying things in bulk.

Buy one small quality Easter egg or hot cross bun and enjoy it slowly, instead of buying bulk chocolate and buns that you’re simply going to eat until they’re all gone, giving you way too much sugar in your body.

Most of us don’t have the willpower (including me sometimes!), so don’t fool yourself into thinking if you buy bulk that you’re only going to eat a small amount; we all know that doesn’t work!

We don’t have to avoid these treats. Just be mindful to focus on quality, not quantity. Enjoy and eat mindfully, and you will be just as satisfied.

4. Indulge differently

Another tip is to think outside the square of chocolate. Naturally, we all want to indulge a little at Easter, but perhaps you could focus your shopping list on purchasing more low sugar indulgent foods.

Sugar-free dark chocolate is a great low-sugar treat. Even quality nuts or dips with smoked salmon, olives, cheese and low-carb crackers. We can still spoil ourselves and indulge over Easter without consuming any sugar.

Alternatively, you could plan a gourmet cooked breakfast on Easter Sunday like our Mediterranean Eggs with Chorizo. Or swap super high in sugar chocolate for quality 85% cocoa chocolate. Even a delicious roast with above ground roasted vegetables or a baked fish with a buttery sauce is a different way to indulge.

The options are endless! You can find more inspo for a guilt-free Easter with our low carb recipes.

5. Easter gift planning

My final tip is to be a bit more creative with Easter gifting (if that’s your thing). Many of my clients get trapped into buying loads of sweet sugary gifts for family and friends which they end up nibbling on themselves.

Plan non-food gifts like comfy pyjamas, a plant, a book or a cool mug. This means less tempting food in the house for you as well.

If I had a dollar for every person who bought loads of mini chocolate Easter eggs and ate them all themselves before restocking, I would be a millionaire!

So, if we tackle the supermarket better, plan our indulgences, organise non-food gifts, be mindful about what we are eating, and enjoy quality versus quantity, we can stick to our low carb journey and still enjoy Easter!

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