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The top 5 low carb snacks according to Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore

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Make no mistake, low carb snacking is just as important as eating low carb meals.

Listening to our body’s hunger signals and eating when we’re hungry is key to preventing cravings and eating the wrong types of sugary or high carb foods.

So in order to avoid the 3pm slump, here are my top five low carb snacks to keep you on track with the Defeat Diabetes Program.

1. Low carb keto seed crackers

These are a fantastic choice. You can add many different low carb high protein toppings to mix it up. The Defeat Diabetes Three Seed Crackers are a member favourite and are made on high rotation!

Try full-fat cream cheese dips like French onion, tasty cheddar cheese with tomato, or creamy brie. Even smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers is amazing.

But my personal favourite is no added sugar peanut butter! Quick and easy, and only 2g of carbs for two crackers.

2. Pork crackling

This one will definitely satisfy those salty potato chip cravings!

Many of my clients crave something crunchy and salty occasionally, and I always recommend port crackling. It covers all low carb bases, and with literally zero carbs per serve versus potato chips which have 30g, it’s a great alternative.

3. Nuts

Enjoying a good handful of salted dry roasted mixed nuts in between meals can help satisfy hunger.

I often recommend macadamia nuts, as they are the lowest in carbohydrates. Pistachios and cashew nuts are a little higher in carbohydrates, so be mindful when choosing these.

4. 75% dark chocolate

Is there anything tastier than some dark chocolate and raspberries with a hot cup of tea in the afternoon? Not for me!

Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and low in sugar, making it a great choice. Try the Defeat Diabetes Chocolate Bark. The combination of salty nuts and chocolate makes it feel like a really indulgent afternoon treat.

5. Greek yoghurt with berries

My final choice of snack is Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts.

This has to be one of the easiest snacks to prepare; simply combine the ingredients in a bowl, and you’re done!

For a twist, blend all of this with almond milk for a delicious smoothie. These options will have under 7g of carbs, which is far better than a donut, which has 51 g and a whopping 13 teaspoons of sugar!

There you have it—a few options for getting through between meals that won’t add carbs to your daily life.

Just remember: It’s important to eat when you feel hungry to prevent cravings and binging on sugar-laden foods.

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