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5 inspiring type 2 diabetes remission stories

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We’re incredibly proud to share the success stories of Defeat Diabetes members who have achieved type 2 diabetes remission.

What these Aussies have in common is that they’ve achieved success by limiting the carbohydrates they eat, which has enabled them to lose weight and improve their blood glucose levels.

If you’re considering a low carb approach to help overcome prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, we hope these type 2 diabetes remission stories provide hope and motivation.

5. “Going low carb has changed my whole life; I’m so much healthier.” - Maria

Maria Frazer struggled to maintain a healthy weight most of her life. She’d been on medication for over ten years, with abnormal blood sugars and chronic back pain.

"No matter how hard I tried to do the ‘right’ thing, nothing worked for me,” says Maria.

Maria knew it was time to change her approach to avoid a lifetime of medication, so she began researching a lifestyle approach and discovered low carb.

“I initially went on a low-carb diet for weight loss, but then I discovered through the research that a low carb approach is also good for fighting inflammation, and it became apparent that it was my ticket to get off medication for good!”

Maria achieved her goal, slowly and steadily, successfully coming off medication for good, losing 30kg after two and a half years.

With her newfound energy, she completes as a “keto athlete” in endurance challenges up to 96km trail runs! “This is something I never thought I’d do!"

You go, Maria!

Read more about Maria's story here.

4. “It's not just a diet; this is a complete lifestyle change. I can't imagine not eating this way now.” - Rachael

Rachael Hamilton discovered the low carb approach after tragically losing her husband to terminal brain cancer in 2021.

Rachael visited her doctor for a check-up, hoping for a clean bill of health, but was shocked to return home with a pre-diabetes diagnosis.

“In hindsight, the signs of pre-diabetes were there, but I put it down to fatigue and everything else that was going on at the time,” said Rachael.

“But this diagnosis was significant. With Phil no longer with us; I needed to be sure I'd be around for my children”.

A friend recommended the Defeat Diabetes Program after seeing it in the newspaper, and Rachael wasted no time signing up.

“The first two weeks were the hardest. I felt tired and sluggish, and I missed carbs. But after small adjustments to my diet (mainly increasing salt), the cravings subsided.

“It's not just a diet; this is a complete lifestyle change, and I can't imagine not eating this way.”

“Sometimes the grief is all-consuming, and keeping the game face on is hard work, but I’ve focused on my physical health, fitness and mental health”.

Rachael achieved remission of type 2 diabetes after three months of low carb eating and lost 5.9kg, reaching her goal weight.

Read more about Rachael’s story here.

Rachael is keenly documenting her low carb journey on Instagram
@finding_rachael_hamilton, so follow and share your support!

3. “I want people to know that if you've got the right mindset and you're determined, you can do it!” - Michael

Rceiving a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes came as a complete shock to former division 1 soccer player Michael Futter.

When initially diagnosed, Michael’s GP didn’t offer much hope, putting him on medication and telling him it was a lifelong condition.

“For six years, I didn’t think twice about the information I was told. I took my medication and followed the recommended dietary guidelines, but nothing improved. I didn't enjoy doing anything. I was sick, and I was really worried.”

Michael heard about the Defeat Diabetes Program while listening to 3AW radio, and what he discovered next astounded him.

“I learned that through a low carb approach, there was a good chance I could get rid of the medication and reverse my type 2 diabetes.”

But it wasn’t an easy journey for Michael. His GP wasn’t supportive, but Michael trusted his instincts and pushed on, eventually setting up a new support team of practitioners that endorsed a low carb approach.

He’s really glad he trusted his instincts. “After eight months on the program, I've lost 17 kilos and put my type 2 diabetes into remission.”

We love this type 2 diabetes remission story! The takeaway: Don't back down if you feel like you’re onto something!

Read more about Michael's story here.

2. “The best thing is that I have my hope back. Defeat Diabetes has completely changed my life… I am living proof it works!" - Tina

With a healthcare career spanning almost five decades, nurse Tina thought she knew how to manage her type 2 diabetes.

Despite following the advice of her diabetes team, nothing worked. After trying every ‘diet’ out there with little success, Tina began researching an alternative solution.

She thought the idea of low carb sounded promising and decided to give Defeat Diabetes a go - after all, she’d tried everything else!

“After going on the Defeat Diabetes Program, I started to feel better immediately. My sleep improved, I had more energy to play with my grandchildren, and I finally felt like I’d found a program that worked!”

“The lessons in the Defeat Diabetes Program were the exact education I needed. I could see that what I did before would never help my condition. It’s challenged all my beliefs and what I thought to be true, and I can now see the advice I was given previously was all wrong.

“This program has shown me that you can’t simply know about diabetes as a condition; you must know what it’s doing to your body - you must understand the impact.”

Tina has lost 13kg in just five months, with her HbA1c going from 8.4 to 5.7.

Another inspiring type 2 diabetes remission success story!

Read more about Tina’s story here.

1. “I'm motivated to keep going with this lifestyle because I don't want my legs to fall off. I don't want to go blind" - Toni

Midwife Toni had tried low carb in the past, following this approach for many years for weight loss and health benefits.

After relocating to a remote town for her work as a community midwife, Toni found herself so immersed in helping others that she failed to notice old unhealthy eating habits creep back. In months, she became a "full-on carb addict".

It was no surprise when she discovered she had developed type 2 diabetes at a routine health check-up.

“When the doctor put me on medication, I felt like I'd let myself down.”

After only two months on the Defeat Diabetes Program, Toni's lost 10kg, her waistline is down 15 cm, and her HbA1c is at 7... but she's not stopping there. Next stop: remission!

“I'm so pleased with my efforts, but I'd like to keep going and achieve remission. I'm also working with my doctor on a plan to come off metformin, which will make me so happy.”

Toni’s final advice to anyone considering the Defeat Diabetes Program: “Do it - you won't regret it. It's a really simple program, and once you start, it's pretty easy.”

Read more about Toni’s story here.


We're so inspired by all of these type 2 diabetes remission stories.

We don't play favourites, but we did want to highlight Toni's story because while type 2 diabetes remission might be the goal for many, your success can come before you reach that end goal.

You're not a failure if you don’t achieve remission immediately or even at all. And for some people, remission may not be possible.

What we know about remission is that it can depend on how long you’ve had type 2 diabetes. Those diagnosed less than six years ago are in the best position to achieve remission of type 2 diabetes. But there have been plenty of people who have had type 2 diabetes for a long time who have achieved remission.

The point is, try it! Chances are, by minimising carbohydrates and sugar in your diet, you’ll see many other health benefits, and as Dr Davin Unwin says, “that’s certainly worth playing for”.

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