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A box of choccies might be your default Christmas gift when you don’t know what to get for someone, but when that someone has pre- or type 2 diabetes, it’s just about the worst gift you can get. The carbohydrates in chocolate will raise their blood sugars and throw their diabetes management out the window, leaving them feeling tired, cranky and unwell.

So what instead? Compression socks? Essential, but there’s nothing fun about opening those on Christmas morning! Get on the front foot this year and get them something they’ll really love, thanks to our handy guide full of 10 great gift ideas for someone with type 2 diabetes.

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Under $30

1. Show you care by giving something thoughtful made with your own hands.

Dr. Brukner's Muesli

Homemade treats are the universal gift that is budget-friendly and guaranteed to put a smile on the dial. Wrap your homemade goodies in parchment paper with a tied ribbon for a thoughtful little handmade gift. The best part? These aren’t just ordinary treats; these treats can help to send type 2 diabetes into remission!

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2. Make meal planning a breeze with a magnetic whiteboard that lets the whole family know what delicious meals are on the menu.

Magnetic Meal Planning Whiteboard Kmart

This magnetic meal planner is the perfect companion to the Defeat Diabetes Program. Plan your week, and avoid being asked “what’s for dinner?” every five minutes with a magnetic whiteboard that lets the household know what delicious meal they’ll be tucking into tonight.

Get it from Kmart. $6.

3. Pasta schmasta. Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are the carb-free answer to pasta.

Joseph Joseph Spiraliser Zoodles Zucchini Noodles

Create amazing healthy meals in minutes, including this nutritious, low carb alternative to the classic Italian carbonara with our Zoodle Carbonara. A spiraliser is absolutely essential in any low carb kitchen. Try it on zucchini, carrots – even cucumbers!

Get it from Amazon. $24.

4. A Defeat Diabetes subscription to help your loved one transform their health and send their type 2 diabetes into remission.

Defeat Diabetes Program Screens

Tina says: “Defeat Diabetes has changed my life and given me hope again. I’m so happy with the support I am receiving and feel like I have a team around me.”

Get it from Defeat Diabetes. Membership starts at $19.99, with a FREE trial period.

5. A Fat Lot of Good (by Peter Brukner); a fat-astic book for anyone wanting to lose some post-Christmas kilos and improve their health.

A Fat Lot of Good

One Amazon reviewer said: “Succinctly addresses the current obesity epidemic and its causes, and offers an easily understood lifestyle plan for the individual to adopt should they wish to improve their health. I can attest to its effectiveness, losing about 1kg most weeks I’ve been following it.”

Get it from Amazon. $26.99 (paperback).

Under $60

6. Nothing says “ghee you’re the best” better than a giant tub of pure cow’s ghee.


Ghee (clarified butter) is favoured by low carb and keto fans for being the safest and most suitable oil for baking, sautéing, slow cooking, deep-frying, roasting, and any high-temperature cooking. Its higher fat content makes it healthier than regular butter and oil and it’s an excellent option for those living with type 2 diabetes.

Get it from Natural Moreish. 1.8kg for $60.

7. Be ready when hunger strikes with a delicious, fun and guilt-free Keto Snack Box.

Keto Snack Box

Why do we like this one? No weird crackers, sugary pastes and chocolate-covered coffee beans. Just healthy fats and low carb snacks. You’re dreaming if you think they’ll share them with you!

Get it from Snack Proud. $59.95.

Under $100

8. Achieve rapid weight loss with Thrive Meals; fresh, healthy meals delivered straight to your door nationwide.

Thrive Meals

Research shows that getting support to lose just 5% of your body weight can have enormous benefits for your health. If you haven’t got time for cooking, you can keep on track with your goals with these delicious chef-created low carb keto meals delivered to your door. Our CEO is a big fan!

Get it from Thrive Meals. Meal plans start from $82.70 per week.

9. Say goodbye to finger pricks with real-time blood sugar readings 24 hours a day via a continuous glucose monitor.

Freestyle Libre

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) track the body’s blood sugar response to food, and the data doesn’t lie. Find out what’s causing your blood sugars to spike, and understand why you need to ditch the so-called healthy bowl of oats for a clever grain-free brekkie instead.

Get it from Freestyle Libre. From $92.50.

10. Data is a girl’s best friend, not diamonds! So impress them with a FitBit Luxe to help them track their health.

Fitbit Evidence shows that losing a small percentage of unhealthy weight can help send type 2 diabetes into remission and reduce the risk of developing complications like heart disease, stroke and some cancers. And while we don’t believe in calories in, calories out, a Fitbit can help you increase your activity levels, holding you accountable as well as monitoring other pretty important things like your heart rate.

Get it from Amazon. $198.

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