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What would we do without nurses? They’re the ones we turn to in our most vulnerable state, and in return, they offer the support and guidance we need.

In light of International Nurses Day today, May 12th, we wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing men and women working tirelessly day in and day out to provide us with world class care.

We spoke to Defeat Diabetes Program member Tina about her 47-year career in the healthcare industry.

“The most rewarding part is that I love the ability to care for people. I love having a genuine interest in their lives and making their time in hospital that little bit easier,” she says.

Not only did Tina advocate for her patients and their needs, she says a large part of the role is being guided by what patients tell you.

“If a patient is anxious, that becomes your major focus. Whether it’s support, information or a hug, it’s up to us to read our patients and give them what they need in that moment”.

Tina also said she felt a huge sense of repsonsibility to provide accurate medical advice – something she has since learned she wasn’t doing in regards to type 2 diabetes.

“Back when I was a younger nurse, I didn’t know I was giving the wrong information about type 2 diabetes,” she says. “I always gave information that was up to date. I thought it was the right thing.”

Having type 2 diabetes herself, since being on the Defeat Diabetes Program, her perception of ‘the right thing’ has changed dramatically.

“Defeat Diabetes has challenged all my beliefs. It has made me rethink everything from a research perspective.”

And the best part about that? Tina says she now has trust again.

“I have learned to trust the information on the Defeat Diabetes Program, because it’s worked in reality. Everything that I failed to achieve before, I’ve now achieved.”

Trusting your intuition is another thing Tina wants you to do when it comes to your health.

“I used to do everything the doctors and diabetes educators told me to do, and it never worked. This program works, and I now feel much more confident when making decisions about my health”.

Isn’t gut instinct amazing?!

What’s also amazing is seeing our medical professionals getting on board the low carb approach to eating, and finally understanding the benefits of a healthy fat, high protein foods.

To all the nurses out there, today is your day and we are so appreciative of the world you do! Go celebrate yourself!

Check out more about our program and what you can expect from the Defeat Diabetes way of living – plus a delcious recipe or two!

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