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The best articles you might have missed in 2021

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Take a look at the most recent results from our 2023 member survey to see just how much impact Defeat Diabetes is making!

Between the pandemic, exiting US presidents and global warming, it’s a wonder you found the time to read anything other than impending world disasters.

But some of you did find the time to enjoy Defeat Diabetes news, recipes and science wrap-ups. We’ve gone through and hand-selected some of our most popular – and essential – articles from 2021.


11. 8 of the best low carb recipes

From Dr Brukner’s Museli to our Naked Cheeseburger, you guys couldn’t get enough of our favourite low carb recipes.

10. Low carb – why all the controversy?

For years we’ve been told that fat is bad for us and to eat more grains. But the science on this is deeply flawed. So why have we been following the dietary advice making us fatter and sicker? Read Dr Brukner’s fascinating article exposing the myth of low fat.

9. The evidence: A low carb approach to managing type 2 diabetes

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of a low carb approach to manage your prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, or even as an effective weight loss program, you might be wondering how it all works. Dr Peter Brukner breaks down how low carb actually helps manage type 2 diabetes and can, in some cases, even send it into remission.

8. 14 favourite low carb meals on the Defeat Diabetes Program]

You might believe that low carb means eating nothing but a carrot stick and limp lettuce for dinner, but that’s not the case! Here we shared some of our fave meals from the Defeat Diabetes Program (stay tuned for the summer version of this low carb list, coming soon!).

7 tips for eating low carb weight travelling

It feels like everyone in Australia is planning some kind of trip post-pandemic. But how do you stay on the low carb straight and narrow when faced with the temptations lining the open road (we’re looking at you, Maccas)? Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore APD has the answers.

6. How to cut carbs in 4 easy steps

Drawing on two decades of experience, Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore shares her best advice on how to give carbs the elbow.

5. Do you control your insulin or does your insulin control you?

Injecting a large amount of insulin and then having to consume more carbs than you otherwise would (or should) means your insulin injections are controlling you. Defeat Diabetes expert Dr Paul Mason talks us through the options when it comes to managing our blood glucose.

4. 5 surprisingly healthy foods that will spike your blood sugar

Sushi’s healthy, right? Er, wrong, according to Defeat Diabetes dietitan Nicole Moore. And don’t even get us started on number two on the list.

3. 63% now in remission – and that’s not all our members report

When first we launched in January 2021, we knew the science was there to support low carb in managing pre- and type 2 diabetes. Still, we weren’t sure if our 13-step approach, developed by doctors and dietitians, would see the same results, let alone send the condition into remission. Imagine our delight when our first member results came in, showing high rates of remission, weight loss and more.

2. Type 2 diabetes is not your fault

Why are we the fattest generation in history, with two-thirds of Australian males classified as overweight or obese. Why do nearly 2 million Australians suffer from type 2 diabetes? Dr Brukner explains why it’s time we stopped berating ourselves.

1. How to achieve type 2 diabetes remission (without going hungry)

We’ve had some stellar media coverage this year (The Project, Channel 7 and Channel 10 news, all of the major newspapers and radio talkback shows). But one in particularly stood, thanks to the courage of two Defeat Diabetes members as they shared their journey.

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