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4 simple ways to cut carbs and lose weight

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Is there an easy way to lose weight? If you've ever tried to shed some kilos, whether it be via meal replacement shakes, the soup diet, a low fat diet, the juice diet or the air diet (don’t try it at home, folks), you might have seen dramatic results at first.

But more than likely, once you’ve returned to your ordinary diet, the weight has crept back on. Sound familiar?

You see, there’s more to losing weight than simply limiting what you eat.

The quality of food you’re eating, the amount of fibre you’re getting, sleep, stress and hormonal factors like insulin can all influence your ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

These fad diets are often highly restrictive, hard to sustain, and can send your blood glucose levels soaring.

So we’re here to let you know there is an easy way to lose weight through simple and sustainable changes to diet, which will help improve your blood glucose levels and overall health too.

It’s all about reducing your carbohydrate intake.

Here are four easy ways you can cut carbs and lose weight.


4. Avoid ultra-processed foods

You may already know that processed foods aren’t good for you, but did you know there’s such a thing as ultra-processed food too? And just as it sounds, ultra-processed food is the furthest point from nature you can imagine.

Think of those shiny cheese slices (that have more “cheese flavouring” than cheese itself), most breakfast cereals, ice cream, soft drinks, chips and lollies. Best to steer clear and opt for real whole foods instead!

nutrition labels

3. Read the nutrition label

A long list of ingredients which don’t sound familiar is a good indicator that a product is not going to be good for you. Steer clear and avoid being blinded by food jargon

And while you might have cottoned on to checking the sugar content in foods, it’s not just the amount of sugar that you need to be aware of. The total amount of carbohydrates is important too, as ALL carbohydrates impact your blood sugar levels, not just sugars!

counting carbs

2. Count your carbs

How many carbs should you eat per day to lose weight? Well, that’s a good question; every individual will be slightly different. Finding your carbohydrate tolerance can help you determine how many carbohydrates you can eat to maintain a healthy weight.

Gone are the days of counting calories. With research showing that WHAT you eat (or rather, what carbohydrates you don’t eat) is more important than HOW MUCH you eat, we reckon the easiest way to lose weight and stay on top of your health is by counting carbs.

avocado comic strip

1. Get over your fear of fat

Think that eating fat will make you fat? To put it simply, fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating lots of carbohydrates can throw your hunger and appetite entirely out of whack, so cutting carbs and replacing your diet with fats such as avocado, butter and olive oil is one of the easiest ways to give your body a reliable energy source.

When you replace carbohydrates with fat, you won’t have any excess glucose to store as fat. Your body will learn to regulate your hunger signals, which will resolve problems that cause issues with your hunger signalling (e.g. overeating or emotional eating).

The takeaway

These simple tips will help you cut carbs to lose weight and reap a bunch of other benefits, like improved blood glucose management, improved energy and reduced brain fog in just a matter of weeks. Try it!

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