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Save 20% with our special ebook bundle offer, including A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission, Healthy + Hearty, and Fresh + Simple.



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SAVE 20%!

Buy the complete range of Defeat Diabetes ebooks in our most popular book bundle, including A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission, Healthy and Hearty, and Fresh and Simple!

A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission book cover

A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission ($12.99)

A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission gives you the tools you need to understand why - and how - you can manage your blood glucose and achieve type 2 diabetes remission. In easy-to-understand language, A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission explains the different types of diabetes, what causes the condition, and how you can manage and even potentially reverse the disease. With simple, delicious recipes to help you stabilise blood sugars, A Simple Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission offers people living with type 2 diabetes control of their health and hope for a life free from chronic disease.

Healthy + Hearty eCookbook cover

Healthy and Hearty ($9.99)

Defeat Diabetes' Healthy and Hearty eCookbook offers readers a simple introduction to low carb cooking to help stabilise blood sugars. Featuring 45 nutrionist and dietitan-developed recipes across breakfast, lunch and dinner, be inspired to swap your high carb diet for one that's full of flavour. Ditch shop-bought white bread for our tasty and nutritious Three Seed Bread, whip up a Mish Mash Hash for a lazy Sunday brunch or cook a dinner the whole family will love, from Easy Sausage Tray Bake to Zoodle Carbonara. Learn to fall in love with food again with this no-nonsense cookbook that's big on flavour, low on carbs.

Fresh and Simple eCookbook cover

Fresh and Simple ($9.99)

Defeat Diabetes' Fresh and Simple eCookbook includes a guide to kitchen kit and a helpful low-carb veggie list alongside 45 delicious recipes to get you started on the road to better health. Enjoy fuss-free breakfasts to kick-start your day, clever low-carb takes on lunches such as Miso Chicken Noodles and a Crunchy Chorizo Bowl, and dinners to leave the whole family satisfies, such as Marherita Pizza (yes, pizza!) and Chicken Caprese.

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What our readers are saying

Very happy with the books I purchased - lots of inspo, insight and delicious meals to cook!



Dr Brukner advice makes so much sense - I have been following his Program for a while now and have lost 9.5 kgs and my range is back to normal. Couldn't help but buy these books too. I am a lifelong fan!



Good value for the amount of info you get. It has changed the way I think about food and I know it will help me get my diabetes under control.



About Dr Peter Brukner OAM

Dr Peter Brukner is a world-renowned sports medicine clinician and researcher, with a passion for nutrition. He is a former president of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians, co-author of Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine, team doctor to various professional sports teams and a Professor of Sports Medicine at La Trobe University.

Peter believes that most of what we have been told about what to eat over the last 40 years has resulted in epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases. He's the author of A Fat Lot of Good, founder and Chair of SugarByHalf and founder of Defeat Diabetes - the doctor-led program to help send type 2 diabetes into remission.

Dr Peter Brukner OAM

About Defeat Diabetes

Defeat Diabetes is a doctor-led program founded by Dr Peter Brukner to help people send type 2 diabetes into remission through simple lifestyle changes. Since launching in January 2021, the program has helped over 8,000 members achieve their health goals.

Through its online and mobile app, Defeat Diabetes gives members a deeper understanding of their condition, the latest scientific natural treatment methods and the tools to achieve remission.

Defeat Diabetes is backed by a panel of medical professionals, including orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, GPs, dieticians and other health practitioners. Its mission is to help 100,000 Australians prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes.

Defeat Diabetes Logo

Send type 2 diabetes into remission

The Defeat Diabetes Program can help you achieve type 2 diabetes remission and reduce medications through our doctor-led online program.

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