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Save 15% when you buy Dr Peter Brukner's 'A Diabetes Plan' and 'A Fat Lot of Good' together. 



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SAVE 15%! Buy Dr Brukner's two extraordinary print books together in one budget-saving bundle and learn how to outsmart bad health advice and make simple changes for long-lasting energy, weight loss and well-being.

About The Diabetes Plan

At age 60, Dr Peter Brukner was diagnosed with pre-diabetes despite having followed the dietary advice of his own profession all of his adult life. After a deep dive into the research, he quickly reversed his dietary practices, ditching high carb, low fat for low carb, healthy fat. He lost 13 kilograms and dramatically improved his health. To help others achieve remission, Peter created an online course called the Defeat Diabetes Program, which has seen thousands of Australians lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. In The Diabetes Plan, Peter shares his diet approach, meal plans, testimonials, and more than 45 recipes.

About A Fat Lot of Good

In A Fat Lot of Good, Dr Brukner busts the dietary myths we've been living by for decades and gives you all the information you need, in as simple a way as possible, to live a longer, healthier and - most importantly - more enjoyable life. Discover the real reasons why we're all getting fatter and less healthy, the lowdown on carbs, fats and proteins- what they do, which we actually need and how much - plus Peter's Five Golden Rules for a healthy lifestyle. Packed full of the latest research and countless practical tips, A Fat Lot of Good is the complete toolkit for building the healthy lifestyle that's right for you.

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What our readers are saying

The Diabetes Plan helped me to finally get a grip on my condition. I no longer feel like it controls me - I am now definitely the one in the drivers seat! I have more energy and my blood sugars have been below 6.5 for the first time in years.

Marie, NSF

Provides a good balanced perspective of food, diet and exercise. A different view is presented to the many food books that seem to provide the same concepts. The book is easy to read and is informative.

Frank Tait

I've been a yo-yo dieter for years and my meds have slowly increased as a result. But I have been following the advice in The Diabetes Plan and can honestly say I've never once felt hungry, and the weight has melted off. 

Anne, Vic

About Dr Peter Brukner OAM

Dr Peter Brukner is a world-renowned sports medicine clinician and researcher, with a passion for nutrition. He is a former president of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians, co-author of Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine, team doctor to various professional sports teams and a Professor of Sports Medicine at La Trobe University.

Peter believes that most of what we have been told about what to eat over the last 40 years has resulted in epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases. He's the author of A Fat Lot of Good, founder and Chair of SugarByHalf and founder of Defeat Diabetes - the doctor-led program to help send type 2 diabetes into remission.

Dr Peter Brukner OAM

Send type 2 diabetes into remission

The Defeat Diabetes Program can help you achieve type 2 diabetes remission and reduce medications through our doctor-led online program.

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