Dennis' story

I’m Greek, so I grew up eating carbs with my carbs. We’d eat bread with our pasta and call it a meal. I also had no problems polishing off a block of chocolate – so doing something about my health seemed hard.

I had to reverse my mindset and stop believing that because people in my family have diabetes, I would too. So I decided to follow a low carb way of eating to see if it would help.

When I realised I could still eat meat on a low carb diet, which I enjoy, and the fat with it, it made a huge difference. It meant I didn’t have to give up the things I loved. I might not be able to dip my bread in my eggs, but I can dip my bacon!

The weight just started coming off. I don’t need naps, I’m less lethargic, I have increased energy, higher libido, sharper mind, no brain fog – I never thought this would be me.

I’m also really keen to exercise, which is a new thing for me too. But the biggest benefit has been feeling full right up until dinner time.

I’m really glad I gave low carb a go before taking pills because this is a much more sustainable lifestyle for me.

If you’re not sure a low carb approach is for you, it is! If I can go low carb and see these results, I’m pretty sure anyone can.

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