Success Stories

Our members' success is why we exist, whether that's remission from type 2 diabetes, being able to reduce their medications or a shrinking pant size!

We've had the honour of helping more than 9,500 people reach their health goals. We're proud to showcase their stories and let their life-changing results speak for themselves...

More inspirational stories from our members

"I paid a dietitian $129, but achieved remission for $2 a week."


  • 8.3 down to 5.9

Weight loss

  • 10 kg
Read Robert's story

"It started with a bowl of chips after dinner; then, I got the diagnosis I dreaded."


  • 6.2 down to 5.9

Weight loss

  • 23 kg
Read Melinda's story

"I’m going to France but I won’t be having a croissant. Here’s why."


  • 7.9 down to 5.8

Weight loss

  • 25 kg
Read Michelle's story

"After 15 years, I could put on my engagement ring. That means more than anything."


  • 10.0 down to 5.3

Weight loss

  • 13 kg
Read Lynn's story

"Changing what I eat, not how much I eat, has been a revelation. I now look better and I feel better."


  • 8.7 down to 6.4

Weight loss

  • Ongoing
Read Sue's story

"As a nurse, I’ve seen it all; it starts with a toe off, then a foot. Don't think it won't happen to you."


  • 6.5 down to 5.9

Weight loss

  • 9 kg
Read Kate's story

2 in 3 members achieved non-diabetic blood sugar levels.

Our 2023 member survey uncovered some other amazing results...

improved glycaemic control
lost weight
reduced or stopped MEDICATION

Ready to achieve type 2 diabetes remission?

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You'll love Defeat Diabetes if you...

  • Want to achieve great blood sugar levels
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to sleep better
  • Want less achy, stiff joints
  • Want to take less diabetes medications (or none at all!)
  • Want better mental health and overall happiness
Success stories of Defeat Diabetes members