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"I couldn't believe how quickly things shifted." ~ Daniel's story

Weight loss: 12kg in four weeks
HbA1c: 7 down to 6.4 in three months
In Remission: 

I always thought I was healthy. I played competitive sport until I was 40 and my only concern was a little weight gain over the last six years, so I was really surprised when a health check showed my blood sugars were high.

Because my dad died at 53 from a heart attack, and my aunt died in her 50s from the same thing, I didn’t want that to be me.

My wife is a nurse, so I am well aware of what type 2 diabetes does to people. I knew I had to make a change.

I started looking at my diet. After doing some research, I found out even smoothies aren’t always healthy! But a low carb approach seemed to show some promising results and I decided to give it a go.

When I started on a low carb diet, I couldn’t believe how quickly things shifted. I dropped 12 kg in a month, my mental clarity was amazing, my hunger was satisfied and my energy was insane!

My wife and son even started eating a low carb diet after they saw how amazing I felt (and looked!). It’s incredible that I can still enjoy a big steak and it’s actually good for me.

If I could say anything to someone thinking about low carb, it would be to do your research. Dig deeper. Make sure you’re informed before you give it a go, and find information from the right people like doctors and scientists, not social media influencers.

But I’d also say that you won’t regret it. Low carb living has changed my life and my health.

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