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"I didn't know I could reverse type 2 by eating cream and fatty foods." ~ David's story

Weight loss: 30 kg in 1 year
HbA1c: 20 down to 5
In Remission: 

Updated: 6 November 2023

Two years after joining Defeat Diabetes, we checked in with success story David Velleley for an update on his health and low carb lifestyle.

"In the 27 months since joining the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, I’ve never had a problem sticking to it. I find it easy; it’s not restrictive - I get to eat the food I love. I thought I would miss bread more than anything, but there are plenty of good substitutes. And if I occasionally indulge in a bacon and egg roll, I get straight back on the low carb wagon!

"I now know what to cook, so we eat healthy fats, meat, fish and veggies. But I still read all the program content to remind me why I’m doing things. I now walk 10,000 steps daily, and my weight is better, my memory is better, and my eyesight has returned. It’s just incredible.

"I recommend the Defeat Diabetes Program to everyone. One of my colleagues tried it and went into type 2 diabetes remission. Another colleague said, “David, you look great!” and when I explained it was due to the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, she asked, “Can I drink wine on low carb?”. When I told her ‘yes’ she said, “OK, I’m doing it!”

"My HbA1c remains consistent at around 5, and I am still in remission. My son conned me into a Master of Laws, and I’m getting really good results, but I wouldn’t have done this before I reversed my diabetes."

David's story: July 2022

I’ve always been in reasonably good shape and prioritised my fitness. But when the pandemic hit, I craved sweet food, drank more beer than usual, and gradually (and inevitably) put on weight. 

When my cravings worsened and I was urinating more frequently, I thought that I must have type 2 diabetes, or at least be at risk.

My father had his leg amputated from diabetes-related complications and I knew if I turned a blind eye and didn’t act, I, too, would get to the point where I could die. 

Facing his worst fears

After a visit to my GP, my worst fears were confirmed. I had developed type 2 diabetes. Even though I was half expecting it, I was devastated when the diagnosis became real. 

My GP told me it was a progressive and irreversible condition and immediately put me on metformin. She said the only way I could manage it was with more and more insulin as the disease worsened. 

But I didn’t want to believe it or accept this as my fate. So I started doing my research. That’s when I came discovered the Defeat Diabetes Program. 

Discovering the Defeat Diabetes Program

Within weeks of following the Defeat Diabetes meal plans my GP sent a text message asking me to call her urgently. I thought it was going to be bad news. But she was astounded because my lipids had dropped from dangerous levels to healthy in just a few weeks. She couldn’t believe her eyes! 

When I started the Defeat Diabetes Program, I thought it couldn’t be true that I could improve my condition by eating cream and fatty foods. But it really works! I feel healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. 

What a difference a year can make

One year on, I’m 30 kg lighter, my type 2 diabetes is in remission, and I’m off my medication entirely. My eyesight is improving, and I no longer have 'word vomit'. I sleep better and all my sugar cravings are gone. Luckily for my wife (and me), she reports that I no longer snore! 

The best part is my doctor says I’ll live longer.

The Defeat Diabetes Program has taught me everything I need to improve my blood glucose control. 

I’ve gotten the confidence to get more creative in the kitchen, enjoying simple creations like a scotch fillet with onions, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli cooked in butter or the Scrambled Eggs with Salmon and Avocado and blueberries with full cream for dessert. 

Life changing advice

My advice for anyone considering signing up for Defeat Diabetes is just to give it a go. It works, in fact, It’s life-changing! 

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