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"After two decades in remission, Covid made me relapse!" ~ Deb's story

Weight loss: 5 kg in 3 months 
HbA1c: 6.7 down to 5.9
In Remission: 
Yes (for a second time)
Age: 53

My journey with diabetes started 23 years ago when I first learned I had gestational diabetes. Then, two years later, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

My blood sugars continued to rise, so my doctor increased my medication, and I increased my exercise. I worked hard to stay fit and control my blood glucose levels. I tried everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers and nutritionists, but nothing seemed to work.

I was just existing, and after three or four years, I was staring down the barrel of insulin. I knew I was at serious risk of health complications because of my weight, so I chose to have a gastric band procedure to help restrict food intake and reduce appetite.

It certainly wasn’t a decision I made lightly. After the surgery, I spent four weeks on liquids, and so long as I have the band, I’ll have an access port that protrudes from under my skin, so I’ll never have a flat belly no matter what I do!

Life after gastric band surgery

The surgery was effective, and I lost 30 kg, enough to send my type 2 diabetes into remission and remove my dependence on medication.

I kept my type 2 diabetes in remission for nearly two decades, but I was eating a deficit of around 900 calories a day. Although in remission, I still felt unwell because I didn’t focus on eating good quality, nutrient-dense food.

My husband went to see Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore at her private practice many years ago, and by going low carb, he lost 15 kg and reduced his inflammation. Even though I was cooking all his meals, I wasn’t ready to commit. I truly believed I needed carbs because of my sports and training.

No longer in remission

Whilst I changed from one diet to another, my blood sugar continued to rise. Then in 2022 I developed Covid and this proved to be the final straw; not only was I living with brain fog and extreme fatigue, but my GP told me my type 2 diabetes was no longer in remission. She recommended I try the Defeat Diabetes Program.

Defeat Diabetes was a stark difference from the programs I had followed in the early 2000s, which were about the importance of eating carbs and reducing fat. In a matter of a few weeks, I felt such a difference! Through the Defeat Diabetes Program and wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), I have become more aware of foods that trigger my blood glucose levels. I’ve even ditched my morning latte, which was a huge trigger.

Defeat Diabetes helped me achieve remission (again)!

I’ve seen so many benefits from doing the Defeat Diabetes Program. In just three months, I’ve seen improvements in my blood work and have more energy and clarity in my thinking. Although I’m no longer on medication for type 2 diabetes, I am still taking blood pressure medication and my GP and I have set a goal to come off it completely.

I’ve got so much energy that I train 3-4 times a week in my sport of powerlifting, and I’ve continued to gain strength and muscle. Best of all, I’m on the road to victory over type 2 diabetes—again! I’m in remission for a second time, and I’ve lost 11 cm from my waistline, dropped a couple of dress sizes and am 5 kg lighter. What a difference three months make!

Reaching my type 2 diabetes goals

Even though I’ve reached many primary goals, I’m determined to continue this program. I’m committed to staying healthy as I age; I don’t want to become frail. I want to be here for my family.

The Defeat Diabetes Program is brilliant. I’ve found the program more accessible, less restrictive and far more enjoyable than anything I’ve ever tried.

The best advice I can offer anyone considering the Defeat Diabetes Program is to do it if you want more energy and to feel well again! But also take little steps at a time and try not to change too much at once. 

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