"Going low carb really has changed my life." ~ Maria's story

Weight loss: 30kg in over 2.5 years
Age: 54
In Remission: 

"No matter how hard I tried to do the ‘right’ thing, nothing worked for me. I suffered from chronic back pain and had been on medication for 10 years."

I initially went on a low carb diet to lose weight, but after a while of eating this way, I noticed I hadn’t taken any medication for my back. I was amazed. The more I researched, the more I learned that eating low carb can also help fight inflammation, and could help me get off medication for good.

What surprised me the most was how good I felt after eating. I had no brain fog, better mental clarity, my energy was amazing, and I became more aware of how different foods affected my body.

I can even enjoy pizza while eating a low carb diet! You just have to know how to switch out ingredients, so it becomes low carb. I don’t feel deprived at all!

Going low carb really has changed my whole life, as well as my husband’s. We’re so much healthier.

It didn’t happen overnight though. I did my research and found what worked for me. There are so many variations of low carb that you might want to experiment with. And when I hit a roadblock, I kept going, because I just had to be kind to myself if I ‘stuffed up’.

The best part of my journey is that I now compete as a keto athlete in endurance challenges such as 15km, 30km, 48km and 96km trail runs. They’re up mountains and extremely difficult – this is something I never thought I’d do!"

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