"My mother complains I've lost too much weight!" ~ Michael's story

Weight loss: 95 kg down to 78 kg
HbA1c: 8.8 down to 5.1 
In Remission: 

"As a former Division 1 soccer player, I've always led an active lifestyle. Even though I'm not as young as I used to be, I still walk everywhere, play soccer and swim laps a few times a week.

After putting on a couple of kilos, lacking energy, and experiencing extreme leg pains, my GP suggested a routine blood test. I was shocked to learn that I had an HbA1c of 8.8, meaning I had type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed with fatty liver. I was told that my condition was progressive and that it would eventually affect my eyesight, feet and nerve endings. There was nothing I could do to change the outcome.

For six years I didn’t think twice about the information I was told. I took my medication and followed the recommended dietary guidelines, But I was getting sicker and sicker and more and more fed up. Looking back, I can’t believe what I went through, how sick I really was. I didn't enjoy doing anything. I was really worried.

How I sent type 2 diabetes into remission

By chance, I was listening to 3AW radio one day and heard them mention the Defeat Diabetes Program and that it could help reverse type 2 diabetes. Desperate for better answers, I downloaded the app and what I learned astounded me - that a low carb diet could put my type 2 diabetes into remission.

I mentioned the program to my GP, but sadly, they weren't very supportive. However, I knew I was onto something that had the potential to change my life, so I switched to another GP who better understands and supports the Defeat Diabetes way of eating.

Since starting the program eight months ago, I've lost 17 kilos and put my type 2 diabetes into remission. I have more energy, I'm less tired, my aches and pains have disappeared, my fatty liver is gone, and I'm working towards being medication free in the next 6-9 months.

My favourite thing about the Defeat Diabetes Program is being allowed to eat eggs, bacon and sausages! The one downside is that my mother now complains I've lost too much weight (hey, I'll take it)!

I want people to know that if you've got the right mindset and you're determined, you can do put your type 2 diabetes into remission. Make sure your healthcare team is on the same page, and if you feel like you're not being supported or listened to, don't take no as an answer."

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