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"I'm living proof that it works." ~ Rachael's story

Weight loss: 5.9 kg in 3 months
HbA1c: Down to 4.1
In Remission: 

"I've been relatively fit all my life. I used to be a long-distance runner, I've always trained and been very healthy, and weight had never been an issue.

In August 2019, my husband Phil was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I went from training at least five days a week and clean eating to being at the hospital every day sitting by his bedside.

As his full-time carer, my lifestyle became sedentary for the next two years, and my healthy eating habits went out the window. My diet mainly consisted of hospital food: hot chocolate, cake, and cheese and ham toasties to get me through the long days.

When Phil passed away in May 2021, I went to my GP to have a complete check-up and get my health back on track. When my results came back with pre-diabetes, my GP who had known me for 25 years was almost as shocked as me. I had always been a very fit and healthy person.

The diagnosis was significant, as with Phil no longer with us, I needed to be sure I'd be around for my children. In hindsight, the signs of pre-diabetes were there, but I put it all down to fatigue and everything else that was going on at the time.

I needed to get back into my groove again, and I needed guidance. When a work friend saw the Defeat Diabetes Program in the Courier-Mail and suggested it could help reverse pre-diabetes, I thought, what have I got to lose?

The first two weeks were the hardest. I was craving carbs, and I felt tired and sluggish, but after increasing my salt intake, my energy levels improved, and the cravings started to subside. It's not just a diet; this is a complete lifestyle change, and I can't imagine not eating this way now.

The one thing I was stunned to learn was that it was more than just cutting out sugar. Learning how carbohydrates (not just sugars) are the main driver of insulin resistance has been the key to me losing weight and getting my blood sugars lower.

After just three months on the program, I've reversed my pre-diabetes, reached my goal weight, my inflammation has settled down, and my skin, hair and mood are much better. Even my fitness levels are starting to return!

I love the food and the way it makes me feel. There's so much variety and change in the menu each week, and I never feel bloated after meals. The food is so tasty, and my favourite meals are the Ultimate Lasagne, Tandoori Chicken and the Peppery Chicken Curry, which are my family’s favourites too!

I want other people to know about the program, as there may be so many others out there with pre-diabetes who don't even know they have it, let alone that they can reverse it. 

I'm a big fan of the Defeat Diabetes Program and am always trying to teach my friends how to eat better. After all, I'm living proof that it works."

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