Rob McLean's Story

"Dad's passing was really tough, along with what was an already stressful year. I can remember sitting around the home the night before my father’s funeral and getting a call from my doctor to say I had type 2 diabetes and needed to start medication immediately.

I couldn’t stand the medication the doctor put me on. I was either vomiting or too weak to get out of bed. I saw Dr. Brukner’s story about low carb and type 2 diabetes on Catalyst and knew it was the way to go. I had to get rid of the meds.

I still can't believe how quickly things changed, and how good the results have been. Not only the weight loss, but my skin is clear, my eyesight is better, I don’t crave sugary foods, my beer gut is gone, and the best part is I no longer snore and sleep through the night!

The more I saw results, the more motivation I had to stick to low carb. My blood sugars kept going down, my clothes were loose, my energy was better, and I didn’t even notice the bread and pasta missing from my diet because the food I was eating tasted so good. My son’s girlfriend also has type 2 diabetes. She decided to go low carb too and she’s lost 45kg!

The hardest thing was coming off sugar because it really is like a drug. So, once I got past that, and once I saw that low carb eating isn’t restrictive or boring, my relationship with food got so much better and it just became part of my lifestyle.

The way I see it is I’m not going to lose my eyesight or a limb for a bowl of ice cream, and I really hope others won’t either."

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