After 3 months on the Defeat Diabetes Program Robert lost 15 kgs and achieved type 2 diabetes remission.

"Defeat Diabetes has given me back my mental health and my life." ~ Robert's story

Weight loss


In remission

17 kg in 6 months

8.8 down to 5.9


Robert Camilleri from Victoria has a long family history of type 2 diabetes. The youngest of 14 children, both his parents developed type 2 diabetes; his father sadly passed away from complications of the disease aged 70. Now, nearly all of his siblings have been diagnosed with the condition. Four years ago, Robert discovered that he also had developed pre-diabetes. Over time, his HbA1c rose to 8.4, and he was taking multiple medications a day. Then, earlier this year, his doctor recommended he join the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program. Within three months, he had lost 15 kgs, his HbA1c had returned to pre-diabetic range, and he had significantly reduced his medications. 

“My parents immigrated to Australia from Malta, and Dad struggled with the cultural change. He was a massive Collingwood supporter; he would go to the pub on Saturdays to place his bets and just drink and eat all the wrong things. He developed fluid in his lungs as a result of type 2 diabetes complications and died within ten days of being admitted to the hospital. Nearly all my brothers and sisters went on to develop type 2 diabetes, but they just take their medication, shrug their shoulders and don’t worry about it.

“During the Covid lockdown in Victoria and after receiving my diabetes diagnosis, I really struggled with my mental health. I got made redundant from my job and worked ad-hoc, but it was tough. To help me get through it, I joined Sons of the West, a 10-week program by the Western Bulldogs focused on mental health and wellness. I had to fill in some forms with my GP to participate, and while I was there, my doctor asked if I wanted to join this low carb program, Defeat Diabetes

“At this point, I was open to anything. I was seeing a psychologist and working hard on my mental health. So I started following the lessons in the Defeat Diabetes Program, reading the articles and watching the videos. The more I read, the more I realised there are two sides to the diet 'story'. For the last 40 years, we’ve been pushed into this way of eating, but the science says differently.  You don’t need to eat grains and cereal and vegetable oils. We need to change our mindset and it will take time. But the way the doctors explain the evidence in the program makes so much sense - and if I’m told what to do, I’ll do it!

"I’ve always liked to cook, but I really enjoy following the recipes in the Defeat Diabetes Program. I make three or four different cereals and chocolate barks at once and get a lot of satisfaction from it. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I make Dr Brukner’s Muesli, the cinnamon squares, the bark and the breakfast bars. I love the muffins! I buy keto pasta, eat naked burgers or a mushroom burger, and just go without the bread. My wife is really happy; she reckons the Defeat Diabetes Program is fantastic because we don’t eat the same meal every day.

"The only thing I miss is potatoes, but by not eating them, I’ve lost weight, my blood sugar has improved, and I feel so good, I just want to fist pump the air!

“I’ve always liked to dress nicely - my wife says I’m a shirt-a-holic - and I make an effort to look good, even when I am carrying some extra kilos. I always wanted to lose weight, but did I think I would? No! So when the kilos started to come off after following the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, I was like, holy crap, look at this! I lost 15 kg in three months. Although the weight loss has slowed, and I would still like to lose weight from my stomach, I NEVER thought I would lose two kilos, let alone 15! Even my new clothes are too big for me now! 

“Everything has changed. My mental health has improved dramatically, my sleep pattern is better, and I’m even going to the loo less frequently. I’m way fitter than I was before. I have more capacity and more energy - I actually feel good about myself. 

“I’m doing well, so I try to contribute to the Defeat Diabetes community group, offering support to people when they first join the program. My advice to people starting their low-carb journey is to follow the recipes and be patient; everyone is here to help.

"By following this program, I lost 15 kg in just three months, my HbA1c went from 8.4 to 6.4, and I was able to reduce my medications. I want to give back to Defeat Diabetes what they've given back to me: my mental health, my energy and my life.”

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