Shane's Story

"I’ve lived with type 2 diabetes for 15 years, and before discovering Defeat Diabetes, I thought I ate reasonably well. However, in hindsight, I was solely focused on avoiding sugar and didn’t think about the carbohydrates I was eating.

I’d eat a bowl of pasta or potatoes for dinner most evenings and believed I was doing the right thing by eating starchy carbs. But now I know that they contributed to my high blood sugar levels.

In May 2021, my HbA1c was 7.6 – the highest in quite a while. I also had signs of fatty liver, and two years prior, I’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I knew things were heading in the wrong direction, so I thought if I wanted to be around for a while longer, I had to try and improve my health.

I saw an advertisement on tv about Defeat Diabetes, so I downloaded the app and started watching the videos and reading the articles. As I went through the program, it all began to make sense. It turned everything I knew about nutrition upside down, and I was amazed to learn that even a bowl of pasta was doing as much harm as a teaspoon of sugar.

After eight months on the Defeat Diabetes Program, I’ve lost 26kg (on average about 1.2kg a week), and my wife Betty has lost over 10 kilograms by adopting this way of eating with me!

As well as the weight loss, my blood pressure has improved, I’ve reduced my medications, increased my energy levels, and even the tremor in my left hand from Parkinson’s disease has reduced. My GP couldn’t believe my results, and after seeing what it’s done for me in such a short time frame, he’s supportive of the low carb approach.

I follow the principles of the program rather than following a super strict diet. Still, I’m constantly referring back to the content in the program, in particular, the Traffic Light Guide, which outlines the foods that I can enjoy (and those that I need to limit) on a low carb diet. I’ve printed it out and stuck it to our fridge to help with planning the weekly shopping!

I’ve learned to reduce my portion sizes and curb cravings (although I still enjoy a sneaky meat pie from time to time). I’ve replaced pasta and potatoes with omelettes, meats, salad and cauliflower mash.

My wife and I prioritise daily exercise, walking 5-6km a day. We love our newfound routine so much that we’re disappointed if we don’t get to go on our walk when it's a rainy day!

And the benefits don’t stop there. This way of eating saves on the environment, with our weekly household garbage reduced to the size of one shopping bag. I’ve also had to get an entirely new wardrobe!

The results will be there if you’re committed to learning how to manage type 2 diabetes through diet. It’s simple, not complicated. You’re not counting calories, just eating sensibly. It just makes sense."

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