Stephen's story

"For ten years my pre-diabetes markers had gotten worse, and I was worried that I was in danger of developing type 2 diabetes in my 40s. After doing some reading, I decided to start a low carb program and see if it made any difference.

I was initially surprised by the amount of fats that the Defeat Diabetes Program recommends. However, I found that it actually gave me a very stable level of energy and appetite right thoughout the day, even though I wasn't eating carbs.

My biggest vice is white bread - it still is - but the Defeat Diabetes low carb Three Seed Bread has become a big winner in my house!

Like many people, I've hit some roadblocks and had setbacks, but my advice is just to have a go. If you experiment with a low carb diet you'll soon understand whether it's changing your metabolism and your levels of energy and wellness.

It's early days, but every moment on the Defeat Diabetes Program makes a difference. I know the program can help, and I encourage people to have a look at it. It's certainly helping me.

I feel a lot better, I feel a lot stronger and I can see that it's making a big difference.

And although I haven't lost significant kilos (yet!), I haven't gained any - and for me, that's a first."