Tina's story

"As a nurse, it’s been my job for so long to advise people on their health, so I thought I knew how to manage mine. I researched everything about type 2 diabetes and consulted all the right medical professionals. But nothing was working.

After going on the Defeat Diabetes Program, immediately I started to feel better. My sleep improved, I had more energy to play with my grandchildren and I finally felt like I’d found a program that worked!

The lessons in the Defeat Diabetes Program were the exact education I needed. I could see that what I was doing before was never going to help my condition. It’s challenged all my beliefs in what I thought to be true, and I can now see the advice I was given previously is all wrong.

I also started consultations with Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore. She helped me understand the role low carb eating has in managing type 2 diabetes, which was a really helpful way to consolidate the education.

This program has shown me that you can’t simply know about diabetes as a condition, you have to know what it’s doing to your body - you have to understand the impact.

But the best thing is that I have my hope back. Defeat Diabetes has completely changed my life… I am living proof it works!"

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