"I finally found a program that works!" ~ Tina's story

Weight loss: 20 kg

HbA1c: 8.4 to 5.7
In Remission: Yes

Updated: 9 January 2024

Almost three years since joining Defeat Diabetes, we caught up with success story Tina for an update on her health and tips for ongoing success.

"I still follow the principles of the Defeat Diabetes Program, and when I stick to low carb, my health is good. I have minimal aches and pains and good energy and have been able to maintain my weight loss of over 20 kgs.

"However, over the past three years, I experienced many viral infections which made management of my diabetes difficult. But when my health improved and I restarted low carb, my BSL always returned to normal. Low carb eating definitely works in my experience. 

"I take each day as an opportunity to make a good decision about what I eat. If I fall off the wagon, the Defeat Diabetes Program has taught me how to get back on track. I don’t give myself a hard time. I acknowledge that diabetes is a difficult disease that needs constant attention, and I allow myself correction time. Visiting the Defeat Diabetes Program and relearning the principles motivates me and helps me to refocus.

"After years of trial and error, I am convinced that low carb is the best way to manage my diabetes. Learning what foods your body can manage from a diabetic perspective takes time and focus. And while understanding what triggers spikes in your BSL is different for each person, the general principles are the same. Don’t give up and don’t be hard on yourself.  

"My best tip for continued success is to monitor your BSL before you eat to ensure they're at good levels. This helps me decide when - and what - to eat. I find it's a great tool to ensure I don’t overfill my body with sugar. Most of all, I've been amazed at what does and doesn’t spike my BSL! Taking time to understand how your body responds to different foods will help you manage and control your diabetes and live a healthy life. Make quick corrections when you don’t follow the plan and you'll always have control of your health."

"As a nurse, it’s been my job for so long to advise people on their health, I thought I knew how to manage mine. I researched everything about type 2 diabetes and consulted all the right medical professionals. But nothing was working.

"When I joined the Defeat Diabetes Program, almost immediately I started to feel better. My sleep improved, I had more energy to play with my grandchildren and I finally felt that I’d found a program that worked!

"The lessons in the Defeat Diabetes Program were the exact education I needed. I could see that what I was doing before was never going to help my condition. It’s challenged all my beliefs in what I thought to be true, and I can now see the advice I was given previously is all wrong.

"I also started consultations with Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore. She helped me understand the role low carb eating has in managing type 2 diabetes, which was a really helpful way to consolidate the education.

"The Defeat Diabetes Program has shown me that you can’t simply know about diabetes as a condition, you have to know what it’s doing to your body - you have to understand the impact.

"But the best thing is that I have my hope back. Defeat Diabetes has completely changed my life… I am living proof it works!"

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