The Psychology of Eating

Discover the psychology of how we feel about food, why we eat and what makes us overeat.

About Natalie E. West

Our special guest Natalie E. West DCht IICT is a clinical psychotherapist with almost two decades of experience working with clients to supercharge their mental and metabolic health.

With qualifications in clinical behavioural science, applied clinical hypnotherapy, nutritional psychology and current studies in nutritional psychiatry, Natalie offers a modern perspective on the factors that influence our eating behaviours.

In this webinar, we'll understand the psychology of how we feel about food, why we eat and what makes us overeat. 

About The Defeat Diabetes Program

Defeat Diabetes is a doctor-led digital program. It helps you manage your type 2 diabetes by changing the way you think about food.

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Follow 13 lessons that explain how to take control of your condition through simple changes to lifestyle.

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Our panel of doctors and dietitians help you understand your condition and work towards remission.

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Hundreds of tasty recipes

Simple, affordable recipes developed by nutritionists to manage blood glucose and assist with weight loss.

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Weekly meal plans

Fall in love with cooking through customisable meal plans and shopping lists made to keep life simple.

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Accelerate weight loss with our simple no-equipment workouts that scale with your confidence.

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Record your HbA1c and weight and measure your progress towards your health goals.

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From weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission to boundless energy and laser-like focus, discover how the Defeat Diabetes Program can work for you.

In a recent survey, our members reported significant improvements to their health:

Improved blood glucose
lost weight
Achieved remission
reduced or stopped Metformin
reduced their waistline

Incredible stories of type 2 diabetes remission from Defeat Diabetes members

The Defeat Diabetes online program has helped more than 7,000 members living with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes to achieve their goals. 

As a nurse, Tina thought she knew how to manage her type 2 diabetes. For six years, she followed the advice of her diabetes educator and GP, but nothing worked. After trying every ‘diet’ out there, Tina decided to give Defeat Diabetes a go.

In just five months, she lost 13kg and  her HbA1c has gone from 8.4 to 5.7.

Tina De-Zen

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago, living with high blood sugar became the norm for Shane, a retiree from Gippsland. Since joining the Defeat Diabetes Program Shane has lost 26kg and now prioritises his diet and daily exercise. His HbA1c has dropped and he’s reduced his medications - but the benefits don’t stop there.

Shane Dobson

Living in rural Australia, Toni became a "full-on carb addict" as she struggled to maintain healthy eating habits. Then, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a routine check-up. It was a rude awakening. However, after joining the Defeat Diabetes Program two months ago, Toni has lost 10kg, her waistline is down 15cms, and she is close to achieving remission.

Toni Bahler

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How does the Defeat Diabetes Program work?

The Defeat Diabetes Program, founded by Dr Peter Brukner OAM, focuses on a low carb lifestyle, exercise and sleep as the key to preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes and a range of health conditions.

The program is grounded in the latest nutritional and metabolic science. Research shows when you remove carbohydrates, which are high in glucose, you reduce your blood glucose. This lowering of blood glucose brings pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes under control and into remission.

Delivered via the Defeat Diabetes mobile app, the program provides a practical and easy way to reduce your blood glucose levels. You’ll have access to 13 structured lessons featuring videos, masterclasses that provide a deeper dive into key topics, cooking demonstrations, affordable, simple and delicious recipes, resource sheets and a private Defeat Diabetes Facebook community to share support, advice and inspiration.

What evidence is there that the Defeat Diabetes Program can send type 2 diabetes into remission?

There is now a significant body of research that shows a low carb, healthy fat and protein diet can have a significant impact on those with type 2 diabetes.

The Defeat Diabetes way of eating can result in better glycaemic control, reduced medication use, weight loss and, in many cases, remission of type 2 diabetes (a recent study shows more than 50% of people on low carbohydrate diets reversed their type 2 diabetes).

Online programs similar to Defeat Diabetes have been established for several years in both the UK and the USA. The UK program has seen more than 450,000 people undertake a low carb program, with a study finding over a quarter of participants reduced their HbA1c to below the diabetes threshold, and 40% reduced their diabetes medications. In the USA, a similar remote care model has also proven to be successful, with 50% of participants in putting their diabetes into remission.

Our recent member survey showed that after just three months on the Defeat Diabetes program, 63 per cent of those with type 2 diabetes put their condition into remission and all others reported significant decreases in blood glucose levels.


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